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Green Marketing: How to make a good campaign?

What is Green Marketing?

All over the world it seems that environmental problems they are increasing over time, but at the same time you can also see a great social awareness for the care of our planet and many brands have joined the movement, which is called green marketing, eco-marketing, green marketing, environmental or ecological.

One of the main reasons for the emergence of companies with green marketing is to establish a differentiation strategy in an increasingly competitive market. However, what is green marketing?

How to do a good campaign?

The American Marketing Association, defines green marketing as "the development and marketing of products designed to minimize negative effects on the physical environment, or to improve their quality" and also highlights that they are those "efforts of organizations to produce, promote, package and claim products in a sensitive or responsive way to ecological concerns. "

Additionally, green marketing is directly linked to social marketing and an example of this can be the generation of biodegradable plastic bags that many countries already implement to reduce environmental pollution. If you want to read more about this topic, you can read more here.

Even in the marketing world there is already a new acronym that defines the consumer interested in green marketing: LOHAS or Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability which in Spanish means "healthy or sustainable lifestyle".

En nuestro blog encontrarás cuales son los principales factores a tener en cuenta para el éxito de una campaña de Green Marketing.

What benefits do companies that carry out green marketing obtain?

The main benefit of these marketing campaigns is to reduce the negative impact that business activities generate on the environment. However, there are other associated benefits, such as making our workers feel more identified with the company and increase their motivation and consequently their productivity.

Another important benefit is the added value obtained not only by the company that practices green marketing but also by the one that obtains its products and / or services and that can be a great differentiating element from the competition. It is relevant to take into account the large number of consumers today who are concerned about protecting the environment and want ecology to be taken into account within the values of the brands with which they are related.

Consumers who are concerned about the consumption of green products consider their origin, materials and even the conditions in which they were produced to be important. Recyclable or reused products also fall into the category of green consumption and more and more people are joining this, which has long ceased to be a simple movement or fashion but has been transformed into deep awareness and change.

Part of this change is the amount of information that exists today, thanks to new media and the internet, which allows people to research and reject brands that target superficial initiatives only to give an ecological image but maintaining harmful practices for environment.

In fact, there is the term "Greenwash" that refers to the custom that some companies have of exaggerating the benefits of their products to take advantage of disinformation and, of course, violate the norms and laws that regulate advertising.

How to achieve success with a green marketing campaign?

  1. Success of the target. It is important to carry out a preliminary investigation of starting any marketing campaign to detect whether green marketing will work properly with our target or not.
  2. Find a fair price. It is essential that the campaign does not raise the prices of our products or services in an exorbitant way. They must remain similar to those of our competitors, and if they are higher we must convince our customers that it is fair to pay a little more for an organic product.
  3. Innovation and quality. The strategy must be innovative and allow us to create a competitive advantage, without forgetting to maintain the quality levels established by the company.
  4. Non-profit collaborations. Always remember that another way to do green marketing is by supporting charities that are committed to caring for the environment.

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