The worst way you can hide your existence is by showing up on the second page of Google. We will make sure that this does not happen and we will put your company in the first positions so that you sell more. If you want to know without obligation how much it would cost, click on the button.

Today having an optimized website is fundamental for SEO positioning. Improve times of load and speed how users can navigate greatly influences the experience that they have when they consume the content that you have posted.

But you should not worry about anything, at The Cloud Group we are specialized in SEO positioning and We will take care of everything for you! We will not only take care of implementing the best SEO positioning strategy possible but if we see an opportunity for your website to be even better than it already is, we will help you in that aspect also because we are a software development company.

SEO positioning

If what you want is for your website to stand out from the competition, we can help you. Not only will we take care of implementing the best possible SEO positioning strategy, but we will also review your website thoroughly to help you with improvements.

SEM positioning

SEM positioning helps you attract those users who are looking for just what you have among your products or among the services you offer. When a person enters keywords your business will appear.

Link Building

In link building there are strategies that you will need to carry out that are possible to do with the help of our team of web experts. One of those is to know what your web authority is in order to know what real possibilities you have to compete.

Our SEO consulting will allow you to have a overview of the status of your website. In addition, you will be able to know about the flow of visits, how the navigation map is structured and if some are needed modifications to optimize the business and the brand.

In SEO consulting we can address a specific topic or your website in generalIt can be by the hour or by monthly packages in which we take care of everything that concerns you. We will help you fine-tune your digital strategy as part of our consulting. Know everything you want about your visitors, the content you have published and what you plan to publish.


SEO Consulting

Our SEO consulting will allow you to have an overview of your website. In addition, you will be able to know about the flow of visits and how the navigation map is structured and if modifications are necessary to optimize the business.

SEO audit

Once we identify all the aspects to improve and optimize your website, it will begin to have an optimal performance that will meet all your objectives and achieve all the results you want to achieve with your business.

Creation of Contents

The more original and interesting content you produce, you can attract more visits and of higher quality. Since these people are interested in what you have to offer, there is a greater chance that they will become a potential buyer.

At The Cloud Group we work with multinationals, with SMEs and also with entrepreneurs. If you want to stand out above your competition you have come to the ideal place, we will take care of everything. While more original and quality content be able to generate you can attract more visits and of more quality to your website. Since these people will be interested in what you have to offer, there is much more chance that become a potential buyer of your products or services.

In addition, the more content you are able to create, the more pages that will integrate your website will be, and if they are well configured at the SEO level. will help you to climb positions in the ranking from search engines.


History of SEO Positioning

He Online Positioning is a concept that groups the success of your company or brand and allows you appear in the first positions of results from Google, Yahoo or other search engines when a user or potential customer is interested in the products or services you offer. This means that to choose you they have to see you and we assure you that they won't if they have to go through pages and pages of results. Always remember that the ideal place to hide a corpse is on the second page of Google.
Since the beginning of SEO positioning and until today there is a lot statistical information that has been collected, but there is a fact that can attract a lot of attention. Did you know that the 75% from users who search on Google do not go beyond the first page of results? This figure can give you a clear idea of why it is so important that you choose the best positioning agency in Madrid, that is, The Cloud Group.
From a small freelance to a multinational, Good SEO positioning makes you stand out from your competition. As a sample we will tell you that many of our clients They're in the top three Google results positions, and we can do the same for you.
Do not believe in easy speeches that sell you first position in a week or a month, this depends and varies a lot on the competition, how much positioning work is done and above all with what quality it is done. Here you can see different tools and services that help you improve your brand's online positioning.
Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group podrás tener Estadísticas en Tiempo Real.

Maximum quality

Our engineers work with passion and talent to deliver superior quality. All of our bespoke software is developed to the highest quality standards, cutting-edge programming languages, and pioneering engineers. Request a free consultation here.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño a medida.
Maximum Security

Our Security certificates will secure your data and those of your clients during navigation. Google no longer recommends sites that are not safe, prioritizes the safety of its users over "almost" everything. You won't have to worry about hackers.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group podrás trabajar desde cualquier lugar.
Ready to Share

Web design must be oriented from its birth to social use and be shared by the network. Each page will have all the necessary settings so that it can be consumed in Google, Facebook or anywhere efficiently, quickly and usefully.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño visualmente amigable.

SEO focused

Our team of communicators will review each word so that Google, Yahoo or Bing can position your website. From the zero point of design we will be thinking about SEO, in each line of code, each image or each button. SEO work begins with layout.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un sistema totalmente intuitivo.

Our hurricane and storm warranties protect you from software incidents. These guarantees, shielded by contract, protect the delivery of the project on time and that it is exactly what you were looking for, we want you to be happy and satisfied with the agreement.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group mejorarás notablemente tu comunicación.

Management with agile methodologies allows us to anticipate times and problems before starting. You will be able to see at all times what we do, how your project is progressing and comment in real time on any doubts, concerns or problems that arise.

We position your company online so that you increase your traffic and your sales

There are millions of companies that offer SEO services, but not all offer a 360 tool set that are necessary for a positive online positioning.

If we do not meet your expectations or you are not satisfied we refund the 100% of the money. Feel safe with our Storm and Hurricane guarantees. Discover them here.
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