Any company that wants to achieve great things on the web will rely on an SEO consultant as an ally to achieve it and even be able to exceed expectations.


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Reorient your Strategy

SEO consulting will allow you to redirect the efforts, budget and resources assigned to your digital marketing strategy and plan. This professional support will also be able to tell you if you only need to make a few small adjustments to better direct yourself towards your goals.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño a medida.
Push your traffic

It is possible that even though you are doing everything you should do to maintain an excellent SEO positioning in search engines and good traffic to your website, you have lost ranking and visits. This is when SEO consulting comes in handy.

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SEO experts

Our experts in SEO positioning in Madrid and our other branches will be able to help you answer any questions you have regarding the positioning of your website and what you need to improve it. If you wish we can take care of everything for you with our packages.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño visualmente amigable.

Integral Analysis

The study that our professional SEO consulting will allow you to know both the internal environment of your website and what adjustments it believes should be made, as well as what external factors influence whether you can achieve your objectives or not.

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Decrease Risks

If you are planning a migration of your website or make important changes to your URLs, it is ideal to accompany this process with an SEO consultant who can mitigate the risks of losing positioning and visits as a result of these important changes.

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Thanks to the advice of an SEO consultant you can find solutions to the viability of a niche for eCommerce and TAS; detect penalties; studies of the best keywords to use; what is the best content to create; web architecture; links; duplicate content and much more.


Our SEO consulting will allow you to have an overview of your website. In addition, you will be able to know about the flow of visits and how the navigation map is structured and if modifications are needed to optimize the business and the brand.

In the SEO consulting We can address a specific topic or at a general level your website, it can be by the hour or by monthly packages in which we take care of everything.

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We will help you fine-tune digital strategy as part of our marketing consulting. Learn more about your visitors, about the content you have published and what you plan to publish.

In addition, we will help you analyze the experience of your users on the mobile version of the site, your blog and what SEO authority you have at the moment and where you want to go.


As a complement to the analysis and branding services of our SEO consulting we can evaluate your social networks and the strategy you have set.

The idea is to measure the impact that your brand is having on the networks and how it looks in comparison with the competition, being able to evaluate the following steps in the SEO strategy.

As a digital marketing company and SEO positioning company, The Cloud Group knows just what you need And that is why through a professional SEO consultancy we are 100% that we can support you to achieve your brand objectives on the web.

We believe in growth through constant change that always leads us to a sustained evolution over time.

"Excellent firms do not believe in excellence, only in constant improvement and constant change."

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