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Why use email marketing strategies in your digital strategy?
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Convert more than Networks

A digital marketing strategy in Madrid and the world that implements email marketing campaigns appropriately will allow you to obtain a much higher conversion rate than social media would. That is why emails is one of the favorite tools for all marketers.

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Another email marketing strategy that a digital marketing agency can support you with is upselling. In this way you will be able to remind your customers of all the services you offer and products that you have available, as well as new features of them to achieve new sales.

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Stay relevant

One of the reasons why a customer does not consume a product or service again is because they do not remember that it exists. This is where email marketing is very useful since it allows you to build a flow of reminders so that people have you in mind as the first option when they need you.

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Customization to 100%

Email marketing offers the opportunity to connect and chat directly with your audience. It is a channel that allows closeness and gives a feeling of distinction and preference to the recipient. Additionally, this personalization is a key feature to obtain high opening percentages.

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Using email marketing allows you to reach a wide range of different audiences, even those who don't use the internet often. That is why it is one of the most conventional ways of doing marketing that also allows you to establish lasting relationships with customers.

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The use of email marketing allows you to communicate news or promotions in a timely manner when you think it is necessary and / or convenient instantly. In addition, if you personalize the sending of those emails, you will see that the percentage of openings and conversions will increase, and therefore also your sales.


Save time and money using an automated email marketing automation strategy. Reach the people you want to reach at the right time and from anywhere in the world.


Today's email marketing software will allow you to know the behavior of the recipients of your emails in real time in order to be able to evaluate results and make decisions regarding your campaigns in minutes.

Make sure the goals of your email marketing strategies are being met and achieve the success you have set for yourself.


Take advantage of the endless opportunities that an email marketing strategy has for you. One of them is to be able to generate more engagement with your audience and make them fall in love with the original and interesting content you have to offer them.

Venture with us through the creation of an original and digital marketing plan focused on successfully achieving and growing all the objectives you have set for yourself as a brand.

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