5 useful tips for logo design

When it comes to designing a logo, there are no magic formulas, nor is it following the fashion or trends of the moment, however, there are some practices that have given fantastic results and therefore are applied as a method to achieve a good logo design. .

A logo is the most basic way to visually represent and identify a brand. Thus, it is not something to be taken lightly, on the contrary, this work requires time, high doses of creativity, concentration and inspiration.

How to stand the test of time?

The logo design is created from images or letters that, when combined, will give rise to a symbolic visual composition, without a doubt, it is intrinsically linked to the corporate image of a brand.

At the beginning of the creative process, it is necessary to brainstorm, without neglecting the essential elements for the design of a logo that will stand the test of time.

The personality of the brand. Bringing together the unique qualities of a brand and capturing it in a logo, is to convey not only the essence itself, but also the defined personality of the brand, its values and principles, what it likes and what it doesn't, as if it were of a person whom we are describing in detail.

Coherence between elements.  Surely it has happened to many of us that when we see a logo, it creates confusion, we do not have the slightest idea of what it represents, and although it seems incredible, this happens very often. To avoid this type of distortion, it is best to harmoniously select all the graphic elements that are in accordance with the message that the brand wishes to make known. It is important to be very careful with the shapes, space management, typography, take into account the psychology of color, the different sizes, the background, among others.

The message to communicate. If the logo does not have a personality and does not have coherence, then what does it communicate? It is likely that it does not convey the correct message to the audience and, in the worst case, has a negative impact, affecting the identity and credibility of the brand.

Each design choice will contribute something to the communication between the logo and the consumer, it is not only about color or dimension, but about a set of concepts that are linked to the consistency of the message 

The creativity. We have reached one of the key points of logo design: powerful creativity works as a common thread, since visual appeal can be the motivating factor to capture the attention of viewers and convert many of them into potential consumers of the brand. An original design will make a logo stand out from the rest. 

The value of simplicity. It happens that sometimes by wanting to do a lot, little is done, that is why it is important to know that, in the simplicity of things, is what is really valuable, the simpler and easier to perceive a logo, the better the reaction of the audience , which is why many brands lean towards easy-to-digest aesthetic components. 

The old vs the new

In the context of logo design, the elements used must show the style of a brand in the present and also in a few years in the future, without losing brand recognition.

Certainly, changes are necessary when a renewal is required, which regardless of the reasons, this can be quite a risky decision for many companies.

Brands that manage to last over time must adapt not only to technological advances but also to consumer trends, without losing their true essence.

In short, in our minds will remain those logos that evoke moments, emotions, experiences... It is precisely that imprint, which makes a logo have no expiration date.

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