Save time and do more effective marketing with the use of automation and funnels in your strategy


Why do you need to automate your marketing processes and incorporate sales funnels?
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Complex Marketing

By automating as much as possible of your digital marketing plan you can develop more complex and simultaneous processes that could not be done if you have to do everything manually. From emails, social media posting, to marketing workflows and funnels, and more.

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Control Marketing

Through marketing automation processes, you will be able to have better and greater control over the actions you carry out as part of your strategy, in addition to being able to closely monitor the impact that it is having and if it is necessary to make adjustments and where. Get more sales!

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Lead Nurturing

Through automation you can perform lead nurturing. Through automated email chains, which aim to educate or mature the leads in your database, you will continuously feed your subscribers with interesting and relevant content that will keep your brand relevant.

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Reduce Costs

Automation allows you to be more efficient and reduce costs in your business. Additionally, you can take advantage of your staff's time for other relevant activities that cannot be replaced with any type of automated process. Lean on the best digital marketing company to achieve it.

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Know your audience

Marketing automation will allow you to automatically detect which records are most prepared to receive a commercial offer. You will be able to know your profile and behavior, which is also called lead scoring and will allow you to assess what phase of the purchase process you are in.

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Plan Better

Incorporate sales funnels and automation processes in your digital marketing strategy and in this way plan your objectives and processes in a better way to obtain more positive results. Nowadays you can use the experience of a digital marketing company to carry it out.


Sales funnels or conversion funnels will allow you to determine what is the percentage of losses in each of the steps that users make on your website until they meet the final objective.

In the same way, knows what are the points to be optimized urgently to convert as many users as possible.


One of the best ways to publicize your product or service among the contacts in your database is through the marketing automation and email campaigns that are started automatically.

Improve the relationship with your customers and create more engagement with them, which in the long run will translate into a lasting relationship over time.


In addition to capturing new leads through email marketing and sales funnels, you can also achieve loyalty to people that have been joined to your databases.

The idea is not that they make a single purchase but that come back later for feeling satisfied and buy from wherever they are 24 hours 7 days a week.

We are more than ready to move forward and take you by the hand so that we can achieve it together. We don't want to go backwards, not even to gain momentum, because we know that together with The Cloud Group, a digital marketing agency, you are right where you have to be to achieve success.

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