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Stand out from the competition with a customized website and surprise and attract your customers.

Stand out from the competition with tailored web development and surprise and attract your customers.

I want a website that suits my needs


What do you need to know about custom web page design?
What do you need to know about custom website design?
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Get Exclusivity

Customized web pages will give you the exclusivity you are looking for and that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Not everyone wants to be pigeonholed into a template and if that is your case, you need something made just for you and your business!

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño a medida.
Position yourself in Search Engines

In addition to enjoying your website, another of the benefits of having custom web pages made by us is search engine optimization, also known as SEO positioning. We will help you to appear among the first results of Google.

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Advice 24/7

We know that you want a tailor-made website, but we also know that doubts and questions will arise throughout the project. We are here to advise and support you throughout the process of creating the website of your dreams. We are an easy team to contact.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño visualmente amigable.

Responsive Design

The web page developments as we carry out are responsive. What does this mean? They adapt to any device from where the user is browsing. Whether it's a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet, your website will always look right.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un sistema totalmente intuitivo.
100% Secure Pages

Enjoy a secure website made with SSL & RGPD. We protect your content and user data, thus complying with European and other regions regulations. Forget about hackers and malicious people, your custom website is safe with us.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group mejorarás notablemente tu comunicación.

All our developments, whether tailored or not, are self-managed. That is, you will not need a programming expert to change something related to content or images. Do it yourself once we have given you a little training!


We know that one of your main objectives of your website is to attract new visits that become customers and generate profits for you.

That is why we always seek to be aligned with what your business wants to achieve and we will work with all our efforts in developing an interface geared towards your business goals.


The Cloud Group's professional team is focused on working very hard in order to find and offer you a solution that suits your needs, to your budget and to the conversion that you want to obtain through your customized web pages.

For us there are no problems or difficulties, but rather solutions and opportunities.


Today everything we do for and with our business is, or at least should be, aligned with your online marketing strategy.

At The Cloud Group we understand this and that is why we seek to make a website tailored always taking into account that its effectiveness will also be impacted in the marketing strategy.

We are ready to be creative with the development of your custom website! Templates? NO! We have the engines running to create, imagine and develop the website you have in mind, from scratch, original and also effective for your business.

Ready to start? Contact us today and let's embark on this online adventure together.


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La empresa Hipertoldos es uno de los clientes de The Cloud Group.

The Cloud Group is a symbol of quality, they understand the company's interests from the beginning and they adapt like a glove. If the normal packages do not meet your needs, there is no problem, they can program almost anything. Recommended to 100%



Get a free consultancy on the design of your website

If you are looking for web pages as they are tailored to your specific needs, don't worry anymore, here we are 100% sure that we can help you. Without obligation, register in our form and we will call you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.


1. Is it okay with you if we know each other?

Let's start with an in-person or virtual meeting or a call to express your needs, problems, doubts and tell us more about your ideas and projects.

2. Then we define the project

After the initial meeting or call we can create a project proposal to present it to you in order to coordinate delivery times and costs, agreeing on everything.

3. A handshake

Once we have agreed on all the details of the project and its scope, we will sign a service provision contract where everything will be defined at 100%.

4. The Journey Begins

We are now ready to start with the execution of what was agreed. We use agile methodologies that will allow you to know in real time the progress of production.

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