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6 types of payment methods for online stores - Know your advantages!

For more than a decade now, we have seen online stores proliferate throughout the planet and in all areas. They have become commonplace in the world of electronic commerce with successful easy, fast and effective payment methods that seek to favor different types of audiences that seek to purchase products and services online. However, do you know what types of online payment methods exist? We tell you everything in this article!

Types of online payment methods

In the online stores you can use several different types of payments, either online or offline.

1. Offline payment methods

Offline methods are those where the customer does not make the payment transaction directly on the page where he is making the purchase. Some of them are:

  • Cash on delivery: The customer makes the payment when he receives the product, even though it has been online for sale.

  • Money order: The customer deposits the amount of the product through post stations, the cost of it and the seller sends the product.

  • Bank deposit: To finalize the purchase, the client makes a deposit in the bank and once the payment has been verified, the product is sent.
Tipos de métodos de pago en línea

2. Online payment methods

Online payment methods are immediate and are carried out through payment gateways and other tools, such as:

  • PayPal: This is an online payment company that mediates between buyer and seller and is one of the safest ways to make payment online.

  • Credit card: Banking entities issue credit cards that can easily work as payment methods on websites.

  • Mobile phone: It is one of the trends in what is e-commerce and consists of payments that can be made from the mobile phone, such as: money transfers between users, purchase in online stores and mobile payments at the point of sale, all this through applications, QR codes and technologies, which allow to ensure and control expenses, income and transactions and eliminates the problem of change and lack of cash.

¿Qué ventajas tienen las tiendas online?

What are the advantages of online stores?

Online stores can mean a productive business or even help our company "offline" have a new sales channel that means significant growth. Below we have listed some advantages of online stores from which you can benefit:

1. Open 24 hours a day

Unlike physical stores, online stores are ALWAYS open. They do not need an opening or closing time or an employee who works overtime serving customers. I mean, you could sell even while you sleep.

2. There are no geographical limits

Since online stores operate over the internet, there are no borders. People can do their shopping from anywhere.

3. They will increase your sales

Since you will have no limits in terms of only being able to market products in person, you will have many more customers who want to purchase your services and products from anywhere in the world, just a click away.

4. Quick purchases

Online shopping has become very easy and intuitive. A person can acquire something with few clicks and receive it in record time at the door of their home.

5. Less expenses

As we already mentioned, you will not need as many employees to maintain your online store, nor will you spend on premises, electricity and others. Clearly you will have to pay for a hosting and a developer, but it will never be the same as maintaining a physical site.

6. Get real-time analytics

The statistics that you can obtain from your websites, their operation and customer behavior can be extremely useful in decision making. In addition, today, it is very easy to know this information in real time.

7. Your business will have greater visibility

Unlike a physical store that can only be seen if you walk through the area, an online store is visible from anywhere if you have an internet connection.

8. Create a community around your business

Today it is possible and also important to create an active community that participates in your online store. It can be through social networks or through the comment sections you may have. This will generate confidence for your future clients since they will be able to know the experience that others have had with your products.

If you are looking to program your online store to start an ecommerce, you have come to the right place! The Cloud Group is ready to help you in every step of your business so that you achieve the desired success that you have set for yourself. Share this article if you liked it and don't stop commenting.