Improve your sales processes through the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and reach more than 500 million professionals.


Why use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your digital strategy?
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Advanced Filtering

Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn tool specially designed for B2B that will allow you to find the people who are responsible for making the important decisions of your companies, as well as connect with companies that can allow you to achieve more sales and obtain new clients.

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Integrate with your CRM

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to integrate your leads, your accounts and much more with the CRM that you use in your company. This is also possible with just a few clicks and voila! You will have added value to the entire current sales process so that you can manage everything in the best possible way.

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Point drive

This excellent and useful LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool will allow you to create sales presentations and share them in a practical way with the buyer. People will be able to access the content without having to download it and you will be able to know who has seen what in order to optimize your presentations.

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Get Recommendations

As part of your digital marketing plan, LinkedIn can contribute a lot, especially in your Business to Business strategy. You will be able to quickly discover the most suitable people in your target accounts through personalized suggestions that you will receive frequently.

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Sales in Real Time

Get up-to-date information on your accounts, leads and sales in real time, including available job updates. In addition, you can keep your CRM opportunities up to date and improve collaboration in the management of opportunities that arise in your sector.

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Reach 500 million

You do not have to be in contact with a person in LinkedIn to be able to write to them since Sales Navigator will allow you to connect with the 500 million registered users of this social network in order to launch your sales and marketing strategy with the support of a company digital marketing.


One of the main functions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it allows you to segment people.

In this way you can connect exactly with the people you need to do as part of your sales strategy.


Through the getting important lead updates and companies you will have a better notion and knowledge of who are the people with whom you are going to contact.

It is an unequaled benefit that will allow you further optimize your strategy of sales.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to efficiently interact with your customers, as well as share relevant information.

Tools like InMail messages, Point Drive and Team Link presentations they are some of those that make this possible.

Not waste time! Let's start working together now. We are ready to provide you with the best marketing consulting so that you can implement LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your sales strategy today and take a positive leap in your B2B plan.

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