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Landing pages: Elements you must have for success

Landing pages are landing pages that we access after clicking on a banner, link or guide button. In general, it is found at the beginning of web pages, as well as in social networks, applications or blogs with the purpose that each person who accesses these spaces, becomes a new user by performing a specific action. Generally, we can find discounted goods or special services in it, synthesizing in a very brief way what a company, a business or a person is capable of offering. Do you want to offer your product through this format and you don't know where to start? Read on and discover how to achieve it through this powerful tool.

What is the main objective of landing pages?

According to Manel Bassols, editor of the company Inbound Cycle And in his article on how to create perfect landing pages, we must first define the action of our potential users or buyer personas. In this way:

Are we looking for them to subscribe to our blog or newsletter? Do we want them to download manuals or e-books? What access to our social networks? Do we want them to purchase a product or service on offer?

The possibilities offered by the landing page are many. Being clear about its purpose will facilitate your online promotion, whether in mobile format or from a computer.

Landing pages

Once this is achieved, Bassols explains that the next step is to define our target audience. Knowing our users or buyers will allow us to provide them in a timely manner what they need according to what we offer.

On the other hand, if we want to set an effective 100% objective, it is necessary to know what our competitors are doing to avoid repeated proposals or that may be similar to theirs.

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the landing pages of potential rivals will help us to be inspired by our own in order to develop an original proposal with its own identity.


What elements should a landing page contain?

Most digital marketers agree that every landing page should have the following elements to know:

  • A short and very precise title, which highlights the benefits that the user or our buyer persona will obtain when accessing the goods and services.
  • Strong subtitles, that is to say, that they broaden the context of what we offer in a few words and that allow us to create the necessary “engagement” with the potential client or user.
  • Testimonials and indicators, which reaffirm the quality of what we offer or offer. This will reinforce the confidence of those who have decided to choose our product over others, even if it is the first time they access it or purchase it.
  • Audiovisual or graphic material according to your goods or services. This, if required. Sometimes a good image or video says more than a thousand words and a short text can express more than many need. Stick to your case.
  • Buttons that invite and guide the user to action. CTA's or call to action are strictly necessary on a landing page, since these are the final step for the user or client to achieve our objective.
  • Forms. If you want to obtain the basic data of your potential clients, users or buyers, offer them the possibility of granting you certain information. Name, phone number or e-mail are some of the options you could offer. The less you demand the better.

Final thoughts

  • Remember that many graphic or visual elements can interfere with the reading, the message or the main objective of our landing page.
  • If you are self-taught and do not want to pay someone to design these types of pages, use backgrounds or colors similar to those of your brand or logo to avoid visual exhaustion while reading. Also, use easy-to-read fonts.
  • Place the essential elements of your company, business or personal signature. The more minimalist your landing page is, the better. After all, the information about your goods and services is expanded in greater detail on your website or social networks (at least in the case of companies).
Landings page elementos esenciales
  • Develop curiosity in your buyer personas. It is important to create real expectations in your customers and users, since, if you do not make them interested in what you offer, the possibility that they will acquire something or access your brand will be practically nil.

How can you read, develop a landing page It is a task that requires time and money, since depending on your business objectives, this work can become more or less complicated.

The important thing is that you learn to recognize the essential elements that it should contain in order to develop your own proposal, in order, and in this way, to effectively reach the audience or target you want to address.

If you already have a couple of ideas of what you would like to implement within your landing page, keep in mind that The Cloud Group can help you materialize them at any time you need it.

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