Nuestra Garantía Tormenta te protege en caso de que no podamos entregar el proyecto en el tiempo que teníamos inicialmente prometido y que habíamos acordado al inicio del mismo.


Nuestra Garantía Huracán te permite reembolsar todo el coste de tu proyecto en caso de que no quedes satisfecho del mismo.


Get a satisfactory 100% project with our Global Guarantees
Get a satisfactory 100% project with our Global Guarantees
Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño visualmente amigable.

Constant Innovation

The Cloud Group, a bespoke systems development company and digital marketing agency is always in constant innovation, both in its internal processes and in the technology and methodologies it uses.

From our locations in Spain, Cuba, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, India and Venezuela, we seek and aim every day to think differently, get out of the comfort zone and create a new reality together.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group podrás tener Estadísticas en Tiempo Real.

Transparency and Professionalism

One of our strongest values is transparency. Through honest work, we believe we aim at the professionalism that characterizes all The Cloud Group projects.

Since we do not consider our clients as conventional clients, but rather as part of our team, we aim for common success so that from this relationship only success arises.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un sistema totalmente intuitivo.

Inspiration and perspiration

As the painter Pablo Picasso said, success comes from 1% of inspiration and 99% of hard work. That is why, supported by this belief, The Cloud Group is always ready to approach each project with inspiration.

Our thousands of hours of experience are another guarantee and allow us to be at your disposal to face any challenge that comes your way and to overcome all obstacles along the way, with great professionalism.


Our Hurricane Guarantee allows you to reimburse the entire amount of your project in case you are not satisfied with it.

Our goal is to make your ideas and dreams come true in software development, digital services, SEO, design and more, and if we do not achieve them with the highest satisfaction, We will refund your money!

Take advantage of our Hurricane Guarantee!


Our Storm Guarantee protects you in the event that we cannot deliver the project in the time that we had initially promised and that we had agreed at the beginning of it.

If we don't deliver on time, We will pay you double the agreed price. We know that time is money and we take delivery times very seriously!

Enjoy our Storm Guarantee!

What is it like to work with The Cloud Group?


Let's start with an in-person or virtual meeting or a call to express your needs, problems, doubts and tell us more about your ideas and projects.

We want to meet with you!


After the initial meeting or call we can create a project proposal to present it to you in order to coordinate delivery times and costs, agreeing on everything.

Let's determine the scope together.


Once we have agreed on all the details of the project and its scope, we will sign a service provision contract where everything will be defined at 100%.

We are ready to start.


We are now ready to start with the execution of what was agreed. We use agile methodologies that will allow you to know in real time the progress of production.

Let's aim for success together.

Luck does not exist as something isolated, it takes hard work for it, in one way or another, to appear.

The Cloud Group every day seeks to focus with the greatest possible effort so that the projects in which we participate are successful and satisfactory for our clients.

We believe in teamwork and collaboration and we are inspired by it to always give our best.

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working"