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Do you already know the 5 most used management software in the world? Your company may need them!

We've already talked about management software before and how it can be useful to businesses of all kinds. You can request custom project management software if you can't find anything on the market that meets all the needs that both you and your business have. However, today we want to talk to you about several important software as management tools that are available in the market.

Office management programs

These software help to manage the daily activities of a company and if you want to carry out all the activities and actions in an orderly way, you definitely require software of this type, such as SAP (Software, Applications and Products).

Collections software

Both physical and online stores need to use software to help them manage the collections of their products and / or services. Today there are countless options that handle different forms of payment, including credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

Nadie quiere que le vendas sino que le ayudes

Smartphone applications

In the same way, there are applications for the smartphone that help access different functions that allow them to manage their business, as well as reach their customers from the comfort of these mobile devices.

Email forwarding

There are management softwares that help transfer emails from one account to another quickly and efficiently in case it is necessary in any company. This may be necessary, for example, when a person is no longer working in a business and a different person will take care of those functions and needs to access the emails that were sent from the previous account.

Programas de gestión de oficinas

ERP software

The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software (in Spanish Planning of the Resources of the Company) group management of purchases, sales, accounting, human resources, production, planning and stocks.


CRM is an acronym in English for Customer Relationship Management or Management of Customer Relationships in Spanish and is excellent to create a customer database, retain them and communicate with them to offer them personalized attention.

Business Intelligence, BI

Another management software is Business Intelligence that helps to manage strategic information to determine objectives and make quick decisions using agile methodologies.

WMS (Warehouse Management Software)

This type of management software is used especially in warehouses where there are many activities that need to be synchronized.

Cloud Computing

Nowadays working in the cloud is extremely necessary since it allows access to information, data and various types of useful details for the management of business from any device that has an internet connection using only a username and password.

5 software de gestión que debes conocer

5 management software you should know

Below we want to represent the five most popular management software in the world that you should know:

1. SAP: It is the most widely used ERP in the world and considered a pioneer in the area. It is used on demand, that is, you pay for what you consume and is designed for various types of companies, whether they are small or medium-sized.

2. ORACLE: It is another of the most used ERPs in the world and contains a wide variety of modules to manage sales, purchases, logistics, planning and others.

3. SAGE: It is an application that is intuitive, easy to use and also affordable. It contains a package of functions and services that is adapted to the needs of different types of companies, even those that operate internationally.

4. INFOR: This management software offers various functionalities and services that improve the user experience. It is also possible to use it in the cloud.

5. Microsoft: Finally, Microsoft, which has gradually opened spaces in the business management software sector, already has several products that focus on different needs that companies may present.

5 software de gestión que debes conocer

These are some softwares available on the market, but it may happen that you need something more personalized since you find that none of these systems has all the functionalities you need. If that is your case, The Cloud Group is ready to support you in this project. Also, if you liked the article, share it!