We will work on the link building of your site so that you get more and better visits that translate into specific sales.


How to link building and improve my company on the web today?
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More and better

Link building is the way we get links on other websites or even blogs and it is also about adding links on our own website pages. The more links we have and the higher quality they have, the better our SEO.

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Link building is one of the digital services in Madrid and all our branches that we offer. The idea is to get a good Domain Authority and Page Authority to improve search engine rankings.

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Natural Links

Our marketing consultancy includes the creation of natural links, that is, they do not follow an automatic pattern or are dissonant with the relationship between the content you are linking and the page from which it is made. We focus on a link building that allows a good user experience.

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Quality seal

If your website has good quality links that help the user who enters your site improve their experience and find what they are looking for, Google and other major search engines will grant you the quality seal. This will improve your ranking in the search results.

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Through a link building worked and analyzed in a professional way we can offer creative ways to link one content with another that looks attractive to the user or reader.

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Constantly updated

The web is constantly moving and evolving and your link building strategy should be too. Our team of experts will analyze what changes must be made and how often so that you are always at the forefront, optimizing the indexing of Google and other search engines.


In link building there are strategies that you will need to carry out that are possible to realize with the help of our team of web experts. One of those is to know what your web authority is to know what are your real chances of competing with certain keywords against your competitors and set realistic positioning goals.

Las estrategias de Link Building de The Cloud Group te permiten conocer en que palabras claves puedes competir para lograr posicionarte frente a tus competidores.


Get to know and evaluate your direct competition closely, but don't worry, we will help you with this. One of our tasks will be to analyze which keywords are positioned and how they have carried out their own link building strategy so that you, together with us, can do even better.


We are not inviting you to copy yourself from the competition, but to evaluate it and perhaps inspire you ... for what? To do it better, differently and more assertively.

Find out what works for them and what doesn't and then with that our digital marketing company will plan with you your own path to follow until success.

As the idea that we have for you as a digital marketing agency is that you can effectively compete, one of our main objectives is to help you find the angle of action with which you can do it successfully.

The Cloud Group will help you find out what your competitive advantages are and we will use link building as one of our key tools to achieve this.

"If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete."