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The 9 benefits of social media in your business that will boost your brand

Social networks have been growing for more than a decade and the use and benefit that people find in their personal lives are many. However, there are also benefits of social networks for companies that, if you are in charge of a business, should interest you because they are tools from which you can take advantage of a lot. In this article we want to name you some benefits of social networks that can be very useful to you.

Benefits of social media in business

1. Improve your brand reputation

Through the use of social networks you can improve the reputation of your brand and the image that customers and users have of you. By showing them the internal processes of your company, your values and other relevant content, people will be able to form a positive idea of it. However, the opposite could also happen, if you have not worried about the image of your company in the networks, you could be losing competitive opportunities.

Beneficios de las redes sociales en los negocios

2. Make your brand visible to millions of people

As there are no borders on the internet, you can make your brand visible to millions of people around the world if they have an internet connection. They may know about you, your values, your products and / or services and eventually make a purchase. That is why many experts in the area today say that if you are not on the internet (or on social networks), you do not exist.

Beneficios de las redes sociales en los negocios

3. Build customer loyalty

Another benefit of social networks is that you can connect with the audience through the creation of valuable content that may interest them. If you can consistently deliver relevant content, you will have a loyal following who can become potential buyers.

4. Know who your customers are

Thanks to the statistics offered by the different social network applications today it is possible to obtain information about the people who follow you, who have bought and with whom they are related. This will allow you to know them better to know what their interests and needs are and how you can serve them efficiently.

5. Provide an immediate customer service channel

Social networks can be a great option to attend to complaints, claims and even sales from your customers. It is also a way of doing this activity from you to you, immediately and effectively. Additionally, it can serve as active listening to learn how you can improve various areas of your business.

Beneficios de las redes sociales en los negocios

6. Analyze what your competition does

Companies can count on other benefits of social media, such as being able to see, evaluate and analyze what the competition is doing. There are even applications and services available on the web that allow us to know statistics of our competitors' accounts so we can evaluate how we can do better, what is working for them and what is not.

7. Consult directly with your audience

Social networks allow you to ask questions directly to the audience through surveys, open questions and through the comment options. This is very useful to know their opinions or also to participate in different things related to your brand.

Beneficios de las redes sociales en los negocios

8. Increase your website traffic

Also, social media helps drive traffic to your website where they can finally learn more about your company, its products and services and make a purchase. It serves as a magnet and funnel to attract visitors.

9. Influence the sales process

It is possible to get people who follow a business on social networks to empathize with it and generate an emotional bond. In this way you can make them want to buy what you promote or sell.

Disadvantages of social networks for companies

Just as there are great benefits of social media for business, there are also some disadvantages and we want to list them below:

1. Poor comment management in a crisis

Desventajas de las redes sociales para las empresas
Desventajas de las redes sociales para las empresas

2. To improve visibility it is necessary to invest in advertising and in a professional who manages them efficiently.

3. You can suffer hacks or computer attacks if someone discovers your account passwords.

We hope this information has been useful to you and if you think it can be useful to someone else, feel free to share it. If you are looking for a marketing agency to support you with the management of your business social networks, we are ready to be part of your team from The Cloud Group.