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Why use paid campaigns in your digital strategy?
Why use email marketing strategies in your digital strategy?
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Segment Users

In contrast to traditional advertising, paid campaigns as part of a digital marketing plan will allow you to segment users and determine who to show them specific ads, depending on the market niche. In this way, you can better control the investment you make.

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High impact in a short time

An excellent benefit of click-through campaigns is that they can generate a high impact in a short period of time. Additionally, the investment is minimal, some sites allow you to place ads for pennies on the dollar and still achieve a high reach that allows them to carry out their goals.

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Reach millions

Social networks allow reaching millions of people at once. This means that the click campaigns properly managed by a digital marketing agency are exposed to many potential clients in a very short time. Added to that is that users can share them.

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Publicize your brand

Also known as PPC, pay per click campaigns are the order of the day because they are the preferred method for most companies to publicize their brand, products and services. They allow them to generate internet actions, be it a visit, a download or a subscription.

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Little intrusion

Since pay-per-click ad messages sneak into users' timeline on social media or in search results, they're not as shocking as other forms of advertising can be. The little intrusion makes these campaigns highly effective.

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Real-time analytics

It is always important to measure the results of what is being done and social networks allow you to do it through their own analytical platforms that they have. These give the user the possibility to measure the reach of their ads, know the impact that the campaign is having and make adjustments.


A great benefit of pay per click campaigns is that you only have to pay when a user clicks on your ad. Otherwise you don't spend your budget.


As its name says "pay per click", which differs from those campaigns in which you must pay for each time your ad is displayed.


If you notice that the campaign is not working as you would like, you can make changes to it on the fly.

Modify the text that accompanies the ad, make it more attractive and continue measuring results while the campaign is active.


Especially for products and services that are offered online or digitally, pay per click campaigns are very effective.

Through our marketing consulting you can achieve a much faster and more efficient conversion from click to sales.

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