Convert your visitors into leads through optimized landing pages to sell your product, service or offer to the maximum


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Sell more and better

Converting refers to making the person who came to your website perform a certain action that has a measurable value for your business. Landing pages are an ideal tool for this purpose because they are specifically designed to attract, capture, fall in love and convert.

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New Subscribers

One of the most common functions of landing pages and in which a digital marketing agency can help you is to get new subscribers. If you want more people subscribed to your newsletter, this is one of the best ways to achieve it. Offer them eBooks, tutorials, resources, guides, and more.

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Build Relationships

If you are already sure you know what a landing page is, you may already know that it is another effective way to build closer relationships with your followers, clients and potential clients. The reason? They allow you to create trust and empathy with them and therefore strengthen the relationship and ties that already exist.

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Complement your Funnel

It is very likely that you know the benefits of having a website so you must understand the countless benefits of having a landing page as well. These are key conversion elements right in the final phase of any online sales funnel.

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Get Followers

A landing page designed, created and configured appropriately by a group of marketing professionals will also allow you to increase your followers on your social networks. Improving social bookmarks and increasing your current followers can be another of the functions for landing pages.

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Understand your visitor

The landing pages will allow you to know and understand exactly who the people who visit you are and thus be able to determine if they have the profile that you think your ideal clients should have. You will be able to make important business decisions through the correct use of this digital tool.


Through our professional web design in Madrid and in all our offices around the world we will give you the opportunity through landing pages your sales team can focus on what it does best: close sales.

We use this marketing resource to direct potential customers towards a closed sale.


Additionally, landing pages help to substantially reduce the cost of acquiring customers for your business. Is a economic opportunity generation option Through which you can obtain a lot of information about those people who have an interest in your company, product or offer.

By using a good outreach and marketing strategy, a landing page can attract thousands and thousands of sales in short time.


According to the conversion of your material or the information you request in the form of your landing page you can effectively segment your contacts. In addition, you will know exactly who are the people who are interested in your product or redefine strategies and make decisions if necessary.

Our digital marketing company, The Cloud Group, is ready to work with you, aimed at success.


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