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Companies today use artificial intelligence more than ever. From chatbots to machine learning.

I want to start focusing my business towards the future


What do you need to know about artificial intelligence services?

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group podrás tener Estadísticas en Tiempo Real.

Adoption Process

Our artificial intelligence services as a software development company always start with a demystification process in order to help your team understand both the value and the risks of this technology. It is a matter of gradually adopting the necessary capacities for the implementation of the AI.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group podrás trabajar desde cualquier lugar.
Constant renewal

We propose a constant renewal and experimentation with new ideas, always focused on success, growth and improvement from the internal and external. From a small chatbot module to comprehensively changing your business.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño a medida.

Our artificial intelligence consulting services include help in implementing a holistic view of the automation of processes and services that your business already has or could have later. We live in a world that advances and moves faster and faster and we always need to be one step ahead.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un diseño visualmente amigable.

Digital transformation

We will work with your entire team to incorporate the intelligent, robotic and autonomous capabilities of artificial intelligence. In this way you can innovate, operate and compete in the era of transformation, always focused on the future and beyond. It is a gradual process that requires a comprehensive understanding of the organization.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group obtendrás un sistema totalmente intuitivo.
Latest technology

We want to help you always implement the latest technologies so that you can always continue to grow and advance in your business. Artificial Intelligence and its applications should not be a brake on the development of your company, on the contrary, they should accelerate you.

Con el Software ERP a Medida de The Cloud Group mejorarás notablemente tu comunicación.

Our AI and software development systems are focused on a variety of things, such as best performance, automation, user experience, and trust building. The latter is well known to be a fundamental part of building long-term relationships and customer retention.


Artificial intelligence and business software development are revolutionizing business worldwide and you can transform yours today too. AI is not a technology but a set of technologies focused on creating, reusing data and seeing what is the true intelligent value in all sectors and functions of the business. Don't be left behind!

Additionally, they identify better ways of doing business.

The Cloud Group te da la posibilidad de transformar tu negocio gracias a la Inteligencia Artificial.


The artificial intelligence that we implement and create as part of our software development in Madrid and in all our locations help to take advantage of this to Intelligently reinvent your workflows, as well as the technology involved.

You can prioritize the data, integrate it, automate it and much more. All that, with us.


Cognitive systems that implement artificial intelligence are trained to detect trends and provide information with the aim of helping teams improve their workflows, response times and the customer and / or user experience. On average they reduce unnecessary tasks to 8%%.

Of all the software companies in Madrid, we are convinced that none will give you the service and advantages that The Cloud Group has to offer you.

Not only do we care about you and about your success, but continue to improve and improve yourself again and again to always stay at the highest level. Are you ready?

"The competitor to be feared is not the one who never cares about you, but the one who continues to make his business better all the time."


La empresa Cuba Networking es uno de los clientes de The Cloud Group.

The Cloud Group team developed the matchmaking algorithms for our website, allowing us to recommend jobs, offers, articles and many more elements based on preferences or tastes. Although we did not belong to the holding company, surely we would have hired the professional web design team of The Cloud Group, a leading company in software development and web design. Recommended 100%. 

Ruben Barreto

CMO - Cuba Networking

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2. Then we define the project

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3. A handshake

Once we have agreed on all the details of the project and its scope, we will sign a service provision contract where everything will be defined at 100%.

4. The Journey Begins

We are now ready to start with the execution of what was agreed. We use agile methodologies that will allow you to know in real time the progress of production.

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