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What the corporate image says about your brand

Have you heard about the corporate image of a company? It is about the group of beliefs and attitudes that consumers and people in general have about a company or brand. In other words, the corporate image of a company is the perception that people have formed about it from its products, services and external communication. This image that people have of a brand or company, even a product, can be both positive and negative and, of course, has a high impact on the company's sales and performance in the business world. That is why for some time it has been important to take care of the corporate image.

Características de la imagen corporativa

Characteristics of the corporate image

We can mention the following characteristics of the corporate image of a company: It is a belief of the client; it depends on the client's needs; it can change over time; defines an attitude of people towards the brand; summarize the messages that come from your products and services. So, if you ask yourself “what is the corporate image?”, We have already answered you!

Why should I care about the corporate identity of my brand?

There are many important reasons why you should pay attention to the corporate identity of your company, brand and product, starting with because through it you can generate affinity with the brand. People can identify with what it represents by creating emotional ties.

In addition, it promotes the identification of what your company offers with people by being recognized. It also increases the value of the brand and can even become a source of inspiration, joy and confidence.

¿Por qué debería importarme la identidad corporativa de mi marca?

If you are looking for strategic allies, a positive corporate image will help you find them, even attracting the professional talent you are looking for to add to your team. Finally, the corporate image can help provide credibility if you project confidence, solidity and high performance.

Basic elements that make up the corporate image of a company

The corporate image can include several things but among those that are usually present are:

1. Brand name

2. Original logo

3. Typography related to the personality of the brand

4. Corporate color

Elementos básicos que conforman la imagen corporativa de una empresa

5. Slogan

6. Conversational tone for copywriting

If you don't know how to determine all these details, an advertising or marketing professional can help you achieve the corporate image you want to project.

In what other ways is corporate image useful?

A well-planned and studied corporate image will help customers and consumers to identify with the brand, with its products and / or services. For example, wherever you see the logo in the image with a bite, you already know that it is Apple. They, for example, maintain consistency in terms of colors, graphic elements and even in the way of communicating as a company. All this is part of its corporate image.

In addition, the corporate image helps to increase the perceived value of the brand and establishes an emotional bond with it through the creation of sensory experiences of different types.

Finally, the corporate image will strengthen the brand by providing a sense of security and trust to the client, as well as professionalism. All this makes the brand strong.

¿De qué otras formas es útil la imagen corporativa?

From The Cloud Group we want to be your partner in the imagination, creation and implementation of your corporate image. We have a professional team that will make all your ideas come true and thus you can forge a strong brand that inspires confidence and all the values in which you believe.

¿De qué otras formas es útil la imagen corporativa?

Remember that the corporate image is the reflection of how a certain company is, what personality it has, its values, emotions and other elements with which people can feel identified. Through it, it is possible to offer consumers unique and unforgettable experiences that make them feel proud and also want to be part of the same identity and image that you project through the acquisition of your products and services.

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