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The keys to good design that never go out of style - Do you already follow them?

A lot is said about good design and how important it is, but what is it really? What makes a design good or bad? What the experts say is that a correct design is not only something that looks good aesthetically but also fulfills its purpose and possibly is also innovative. This is transferred not only to the world of industrial or graphic design, it also seeks to create pages with good web design that fulfill the same purposes. So, we are going to explore some qualities of those things that are considered to be well designed.

Características de un buen diseño

Good design features

Dieter Rams was the designer of Braun from 1961 to 1995 and is considered a pioneer and source of inspiration for many people who are dedicated to design, including within the Apple company. According to him, there are ten principles that make a product have a suitable design and these are:

1. Good design is innovative

Not everything has been invented in the world and there will always be better ways to do things. In this sense, Rams says there is always an opportunity to create innovative design, which goes hand in hand with innovative technology.

2. A good design makes a useful product

A product and also a web page is bought, it is made to fulfill a purpose, to be used. The pages with a suitable design must satisfy some criteria that are not only functional but also psychological and aesthetic.

Características de un buen diseño

3. Good design is aesthetic

A correct design is visually aesthetic. Besides being useful and innovative, it must be pleasing to the eye. If it is something that you probably use every day, its visual part will affect people and their well-being in some way.

Características de un buen diseño

4. Good design makes a product understandable

Another characteristic of a correct design is that it allows the product to explain itself. It helps to clarify the structure of the product and even speak for it. The same happens on web pages. Imagine entering a poorly designed website without being able to understand what is offered, where to click, and how to find what you are looking for.

5. Good design is discreet

In addition, it must be taken into account that although good designs are intended to be aesthetic, they are not a work of art. In other words, they must be discreet, neutral and restricted to allow the self-expression of those who use that product to manifest itself and become in a way an extension of it.

6. Good designs are honest

Good design will not make the product more innovative, powerful or valuable than it actually is, that is, it does not lie or manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept.

Características de un buen diseño

7. Good design has long life

A proper design will never seem dated because it is not done following fads that later pass. The idea is that it is used for many years and is still valid.

8. Good designs are consistent in their details

A proper design takes care of the details and leaves nothing to chance. This also shows respect for the user.

9. Good design respects the environment

Additionally, good design makes an important contribution to the preservation of the environment, the conservation of resources and seeks to help minimize the environmental contamination that may occur with its use.

10. Good design is design in its minimal impression

From the smallest detail to the most obvious, the design must be taken into account, but without overloading it with non-essential elements.

Cómo hacer un buen diseño web

How to make a good web design

In addition to following Rams' recommendations, a good website that is not only attractive but works properly should have the following characteristics:

1. Fast loading speed

2. Adaptation to different devices

3. Simple navigation

4. Calls to action

5. Elegance

6. Optimized for SEO

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