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SEM positioning: 7 advantages for your business

Do you know what SEM is? By its acronym in English, Search Engine Marketing or search engine marketing, refers to paid campaigns that can be carried out with the purpose of attracting visits to a website and increasing its visibility in the results rankings of Google and other search engines . Today, as is the case with strategies for SEO positioningThere are also SEM positioning strategies that can help your business improve on the internet in terms of the searches that people perform in different engines.

Have you considered implementing SEM positioning strategies in your business to achieve greater visibility in search engines? If you are still thinking about it, then it is important that you know the following advantages of doing this type of action in this very competitive world in which we live today.

1. Increase your web traffic

The first great advantage of SEM positioning is that it allows you to increase web traffic. An SEM campaign can generate numerous visits from new people who will then have the possibility of becoming leads and buyers.

Posicionamiento SEM

SEM campaigns can have various objectives, such as selling your products and / or services, enhancing the image of your brand, capturing leads or making you known, among others.

2. Achieve positioning quickly

Unlike SEO, which in turn consists of being able to appear organically among the first search results with keywords related to the business, SEM positioning will allow you to position yourself in the first results immediately.

As soon as you activate your ad campaign, you will appear among the top search positions and that is why the benefits are enormous and the results much faster.

3. Adjust your budget quickly

SEM positioning campaigns allow you to adjust the budget quickly and easily and thus control expenses at any time. You can decide the maximum budget to spend, how much you want to spend daily and the maximum that you are willing to pay for each click that your ad receives, also known as maximum CPC.

In addition, you will only have to pay if the user clicks on your ad. If instead, it is only displayed and they do not click on it, it will not be deducted from your budget. In this way, you ensure that the ad will be a cost to you if it becomes a real possibility of achieving a sale or conversion.

4. Dynamic campaigns

SEM positioning campaigns are really dynamic because we can modify, pause, delete, reactivate them at any time. We can also change the segmentation, vary the bids and do many things without going through any approval process or having to wait a certain time. They allow total control.

One of the tools for SEM positioning is Google Ads that of course work in the giant Google. However, it is important to constantly monitor our campaigns since there is a lot of competition (it will depend on your market niche) and at any time new advertisers may appear that displace you from the top results positions.

5. Allow segmenting

One of the great benefits of ad tools today is the ability to segment campaigns in order to reach the people we want to reach exactly. A correctly done segmentation will allow you to offer your services to the people who are looking for them.

Some of the things that can be segmented are age, gender, location, tastes, hobbies, and more.

6. Choose from several different formats

Additionally, Google Ads allows you to choose between different types of formats for your ads and campaigns. You can use only texts, images, GIFs, videos and even add your products to Google Shopping. It will depend on your products and your objectives as a business which one or what are the best formats to implement.

7. Close more sales

By increasing the traffic that reaches your website you can also increase the number of sales you manage to close or leads you manage to convert. However, it is important that you are constantly optimizing your campaigns and testing different keywords in order to find the perfect match for you.

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