How LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you sell more

Know who is interested in what you are offering through LinkedIn It drives you to make your sales. That's why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a perfect tool to get and make contact with those potential clients. Why? Because it integrates a design that allows you to reach the right companies.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how does it work?

It is a platform created with the purpose that users B2B Contact your customers more effectively. In this way, whether you are an individual or a sales team, you can increase your goals in the virtual universe. In other words, Sales Navigator propels online strategies.

One of the key factors of LinkedIn is that users keep their Connection with complete fluency. So it is an alternative to generate leads. Even using it, it is considered that the chances of selling increase more than 40%.

Therefore, if you take advantage of the details, you will produce in a short time a list of contacts with whom it will be easy to interact. And it is that it is made for professional sellers, since it mixes public information with your profiles and that of potential consumers.

The top functions of this tool

First of all, it has a list of data with the goal of helping you manage them efficiently. Likewise, it has features focused on attracting more users and in the same way allows you to manage them well.

It's great at segmenting your network of consumers, sending them private messages, capturing your information, and scheduling notifications about what you want. In fact, you incorporate your CRM in order to streamline and take advantage of your database. Not to mention that it includes an advanced search engine.

Do you want to boost your company in 2022?

To start in this new stage of LinkedIn, you need to have your profile active and that it is also Premium. By doing so, you design a personalized and impeccable space. 

Also use every detail you have and meet the best prospects. You ensure all this by sending private, reliable and personalized messages through InMail.

Should you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

In life, everything that makes you climb and get closer to your goals is valuable. For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of each tool that helps you to strengthen your digital marketing

And this program guides your sales plan to fulfill what you propose, which is an advantage over any business profile. Why do we affirm it? Because at present LinkedIn has established limits regarding standard or Premium accounts, in order to promote those that have the Navigator. 

Well, what sets them apart from the others is that you no longer need to generate leads. Why is that? Because this tool instantly recommends the ones you need and also integrates an advanced search engine. 

Other advantages of the LinkedIn Navigator

If you decide on it, you will be able to store up to 1500 clients, which gives you a well-selected and long-term portfolio. On the other hand, the sales teams have the Enterprise option, which incorporates a Team Link

Because of this, everyone will have access to the same contacts. In this sense, each one will be able to send 30 InMails monthly so that together they can accumulate a maximum of 5,000 clients, extraordinary! Right?

Get the most out of this tool and get leads

By choosing it, you will soon find the people you need. To all this you add the connections with companies that help you to do business. In the same way, you add all your leads, your accounts and each of the agreements that your company manages


And remember that you will sell quickly what you propose, you will maintain business relationships and you will reach millions of people. Finally, you will make interactive sales exhibitions online, which will give your visitors a unique experience.

In short, connect with who you need, save time and get to know these people who will become part of your beneficiaries. Without a doubt, you are going to boost your sales strategy. Do it by allying yourself with professionals! Contact The Cloud Group and sell with LinkedIn Navigator.