Does link building really work?

The phrase: "What is not shown is not sold" is as real in the physical world as in the digital world, for Google, the king of the Internet, content that is not visible is practically non-existent.

Although it is no longer just about having a digital presence but also about following the path that Google marks for us to reach the top of the positioning. Search engines understand the quality of content through indicators, a clear example of this is the number of quality web pages that link to others, it represents an indication that a page provides useful and reliable information on a topic.

What is link building about?

Mainly, because it has the following characteristics:

  • It refers to a technique associated with web positioning which consists of creating external links that, when clicked on, redirect to a certain website from third-party sources, this helps increase visits and web traffic.

    The links are linked to a score or rating given by the algorithm Google PageRank, which assigns a score to each website in a range from 0 to 10.

    This means that the classification of a web page is based on the number of links that refer to it, this is how, according to the score obtained, the page will acquire greater relevance.

    The quality of the links also plays a fundamental role in achieving greater authority.

The million dollar question: Is the link building strategy really effective?

There are different opinions about the effectiveness of this strategy, there are those who defend it tooth and nail and others who, on the contrary, criticize it.

Actually, many of the strategies that exist today are efficient, the secret is in how they are applied, if you do not have the required knowledge and the necessary tools, the results will not be as expected.

Based on evidence that has proven the performance of link building, we can say that it does work. This will depend exclusively on the way in which the strategy is carried out, usually digital marketing agencies with SEO positioning specialists know well how it works and what to do to check its effectiveness.

The benefits that link building can bring to your brand

One of the most relevant contributions of this technique is to build alliances with other brands, promoting cooperation through the exchange of links to give greater emphasis to the visibility of the content.

Another benefit is reinforcing brand identity, by creating valuable content and sharing it with the audience through link building techniques, you will be gaining recognition in the sector to which you belong.

Increasing organic traffic, without a doubt, is another of the gains you can get with a good link if it comes from a highly visited website, this also has a high impact on sales.

What you must take into account for your link building strategy to work

Currently there are many ways to generate links to a web page, before starting any action, it is necessary to have clear objectives and know what should be done and what not.

An incorrect step could lead to penalties from Google, since the algorithm is very strict when it comes to the quality of the content that is displayed in each query.

For your link building strategy to be successful, you must take into account a series of elements, some of them are:

  • Quality must be above quantity. It is preferable to have few backlinks They come from sites with high authority than many links from sites with low authority.
  • Give priority to links located within the content. It is currently one of the best ways to get good results.
  • Generate quality content, it is essential to obtain valuable links.
  • Pay attention to the anchor texts (anchor text) when inserting a link, so you can better attract users.

Today there are still many brands and companies that are reluctant to invest in SEO Positioning and one of the reasons why they still do not do so is because they are unaware of all the benefits that this aspect of digital marketing offers them.

If you want to take your business to an honorable web positioning, link building is an excellent way to achieve it, don't worry if you don't know where to start, contact The Cloud Group and we will provide you with the appropriate advice.