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Link building: Everything you need to know for 2021

Many people say that link building has died, but the truth is that it is still a very effective strategy for SEO and to publicize our website. Even since Google's Hummingbird algorithm came out in 2013 that improved the way the search engine responds to user queries, quality link building still continues to help establish the quality of a particular site, in other words, the quantity and quality of external links that it receives.

What is link building?

In Spanish it is "link building" and is based on a simple intuition that if something is linked it is because it is important. They are like the "likes" that are given on social networks. So the more “likes” a website has, Google considers it more relevant and gives it more authority.

For this reason, part of the job of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is to get other sites to link to your website. Ranking in search results is drastically positively affected.

In a way, the authority of the linking site is transferred to yours. For example, Page A is well positioned in Google and links to Page B which is your startup that is just starting. Authority from Page A will move to Page B.

Link building

In the past, it was very easy to find out the authority of a domain through Google's now-defunct tool called Pagerank. However, you can be guided by the Page Authority and Domain Authority indicators that it offers MOZ.

Link building techniques that work

There are many ways to get links to your site and therefore improve SEO, some easy to implement, others not so much.

1. Contact with webmasters

Through direct contact (messages, email, etc.) with the webmasters of a website, you can negotiate the purchase of links, place sponsored posts or guest blogging.

One way to achieve contact is by browsing the page in question and communicating through an email that they have placed as a way to contact. Excellent would be if they place your link without asking for anything in return, as a favor!

2. Create satellite blogs

It's about creating blogs that point to your website. In them you can place articles of interest and, of course, link to your website. It is a time consuming but easy task to implement.

3. Private blog networks

Private blog networks or Private Blog Network (PBN) in English are networks that serve to support a money site through links. In this case, the blogs are of good quality, the free platforms are not used to carry out the strategy and their own domains are bought with private hosting.

In them you must publish quality content that links to the main website. You can buy expired domains that used to have good authority.

4. Link bait

This strategy, which works very well but requires patience, consists of creating valuable content and waiting for someone to link you ... someday. However, it is the most "correct" way to link building.

The bad thing is that it is an extremely slow process and nobody guarantees that they will link you. However, if you work on creating valuable content, some webmaster or copywriter out there may find you and want to link to your post.

Is link building really effective?

Yes, link building is effective but it requires effort, as well as anything else that you want to do well and that generates results.

It is not something that will generate results overnight and it takes time and dedication.

Another way to achieve link building is to share your content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which is where people are. From there they can find your website or blog and link to it from social networks or copy and link from their own website.

Link building efectivo

If you want to know how we can help you with link building strategies, learn more about this service that we have available for you and, be sure to read other articles of interest in our Blog!