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Does your company have no social networks? SO SHOULD YOU!

It doesn't matter if your company is a small business or a large corporation, today if you are not on the internet - and on social networks - you don't exist! In addition to that you are missing the possibility of being found by millions of potential customers while they are having fun on the most used social networks. Nowadays social media is an essential piece in any marketing strategy in the world, even in the business aspect. You can connect with your current customers, interact, expose your brand and as a consequence your sales will increase.

Reasons to use social networks as a company

1. Humanize your brand

In social networks, brands are like another user, another person, someone who can be written directly, ask questions and interact. This possibility gives humanity to your brand, removes that "company" mask and makes it closer to users.

2. Increase sales

As we briefly explained at the beginning of this article, a great benefit of well-used social networks for your company is that you can increase sales. By gaining more exposure, you will be able to show your products and services to many more people in all parts of the world with just a few clicks.

En las redes sociales las marcas son como un usuario más, otra persona, alguien a quien se le puede escribir directamente, hacer preguntas e interactuar. Esta posibilidad le da humanidad a tu marca, le quita esa máscara de “empresa” y la vuelve más cercana a los usuarios.

3. Find new audiences

When you post on social media, you have the benefit and potential that content is shared by other people. This will help to make you known, it will also lead to an increase in sales and you will be able to create and maintain new connections.

4. Open a new communication channel

If you already offered support and support through email, phone, even FAX, social networks allow you to have one more channel to answer questions, complaints and even meet new suppliers or customers.

5. Get real statistics

Social networks will also allow you to measure everything you do, its impact and its relationship with sales. Some even offer this service in real time and so you can make adjustments to your publications and / or advertising campaigns, have information about what you like more and what you like less, and how your audience is shaped.

6. Advertising

Social media is another channel for advertising through ads of all kinds that can be incredibly effective. Plus, it's a hell of a lot less expensive (a hell of a lot!) Than a TV or highway ad.

7. Measure the return on investment

Additionally, social networks will allow you to measure your return on investment (ROI) and find out if the things you are doing are being effective or not and, if necessary, make the appropriate adjustments.

No importa si tu empresa es un negocio pequeño o una gran corporación, hoy en día si no estás en internet - y en las redes sociales - ¡no existes! Además de que estás desaprovechando la posibilidad de que te encuentren millones de potenciales clientes mientras éstos se están divirtiendo en las redes sociales más usadas. Hoy en día el social media es una pieza esencial en cualquier estrategia de marketing del mundo, incluso en el aspecto empresarial. Puedes conectar con tus clientes actuales, interactuar, exponer tu marca y como consecuencia tus ventas incrementarán.

In addition to the reasons already explained above why your company should be on social networks, we want to share 17 more with you.

  1. Strengthen your brand.
  2. Gain greater awareness of your organization.
  3. They are alternative trading platforms.
  4. Relatively low costs.
  5. You can segment your target.
  6. Increase the communication channels with your clients.
  7. Easy customer service.
  8. Strengthen the link with your clients.
  9. Promotions and offers can be massively disseminated if the content goes viral.
  10. You can monitor conversations about your organization.
  11. Identify new business opportunities.
  12. Know problems, if any, about your products and / or services.
  13. You can test before launching a product.
  14. It is a channel to select personnel.
  15. You can track your competition.
  16. It allows you to drive traffic to your website.
  17. It helps improve positioning on the internet.

The Cloud Group does everything your business needs to be at the forefront today in terms of technology and marketing. Social networks are no exception and we are at your complete disposal if you think it is time for your brand to appear and exist on social networks.

We hope we have convinced you how important it is today for your business to have a presence on social networks, and if you liked this article, share it and comment!

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