5 mobile applications that every entrepreneur needs on their smartphone

If you are an entrepreneur, then you are aware of the importance of time management. There are only 24 hours in a day, which means you need to manage your hours properly in order to get all the work done.

With so much stuff and data on your shoulders, you have to get organized. How do you do it? You do this by becoming an expert at adding productivity apps to your mobile device that help keep you on track.

then in The Cloud Group We show you 5 essential mobile applications for entrepreneurs who want to improve their productivity.


evernote it makes the list for a simple reason, apart from being your little notebook to give visual form to your thoughts, it is available for Web, iOS and Android. 

Stay organized on all your devices. Sync files, save web pages, capture photos, create to-do lists and record voice memos. What else do you need? In addition to all this, you can also search for your tasks on the go.

drop box

drop box offers instant connectivity and allows you to share photos, documents and videos with any laptop or mobile device through the free cloud file storage service.

This application is very useful for sharing files with your team, which avoids the exchange of emails. With the version control feature, you have a convenient way to share the latest version with your team.


Do you want to enter tasks on your iPhone? uses Any.Do. With its simple interface, you can add tasks both by voice and by typing. If you're connected to your Facebook account, you can even share tasks with your contacts.

Do you want to be notified of a task? Add an alarm and highlight it so it has priority over other tasks. You can also add more notes and put them in a personal or work folder. The app also allows synchronization with other devices to make sure you're always up to date.


Probably the most effective method of keeping in touch with all of your employees, zoom it has become an office standard for instant communication and connectivity. With its app version available for mobile phones, connectivity has taken a new form by allowing entrepreneurs to schedule and attend important business conference calls on the go.


Trello makes managing your projects easy and fun. You will better visualize the tasks to be done and collaborate with the other members of the work team. Trello organizes work into boards, cards, and lists. Use its tools to see what projects are underway, who is working on them, and the status of each one.

Also, this mobile application assigns tasks among collaborators, establishes deadlines and allows classifying and prioritizing tasks and activities according to their defined deadlines.

Bonus: Other Useful Mobile Apps

slack Centralize your team's conversations with this slick messaging app. Create channels for different projects or teams, send direct messages, search for conversations, and add content like photos and videos. Slack also integrates with other mobile apps like Dropbox and Salesforce1.


Access all your customer information from your mobile device. Harness the power of Salesforce and its marketing, sales, customer service, and business analytics functions on one integrated mobile platform. Salesforce1 helps you better understand your customers and lets you manage your business on the go or even on a flight.


canvas Do you need to create content for social media, a document, a web design, an infographic, a promotional poster or anything else? This is a tool that will help you with all this. Tons of ready to use templates, all customizable. Unlock all your creativity. Although it is fair to say that the free version is somewhat limited. 

In The Cloud Group We can be useful in helping you with pleasure to grow your mobile business. We develop custom applications to facilitate the work of entrepreneurs.

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