What is the storytelling and how to apply it to marketing?

First of all, we will explain what storytelling is: it is the technique that consists of telling a story to connect more with the user. The goal is to appeal to the emotional side of people to build trust and loyalty.

The type of storytelling that we use will depend on the story in which we want to support the message we want to convey.

  • Fiction: both the story and the characters arise in our mind and are not real, we create the story from scratch with the aim of transmitting a specific message
  • Historical: the most common of all, it can be a story about general events that have occurred or about the history of the brand in question. It is very useful to review the steps that the brand has been following and connect with the most loyal users that they have been since the beginning, as well as to teach the newest the whole story behind the business.
  • Consumer situations: this type is very common in television commercials, although they do not always show reality as it is. The idea is to connect with the user through a story in which they are reflected when they consume our product. For example, if we sell a brand of soda, tell a story about a group of friends who drink that soda on a beach watching the sunset.


  • Based on values: this is the most effective in terms of connection with the user, since if we do it well, we will transmit the vision and mission of the brand in an emotional and direct way. This type consists of telling a story that reflects the values of the brand, with the aim that the buyer relates the brand with the values shown by the protagonist of the story.

Tips to be a good storyteller

And after knowing the theory, you will ask yourself: How do I start to be a good storyteller?

  • Have something to tell. Do not look for the form first and then the content, the first thing is to have the story to tell it. A storytelling without background does not succeed.
  • Put down electronic devices. You can go for a walk, read your favorite magazine, get lost in the pages of a dictionary ... but do scrolling On Instagram it will rarely give you more than a few long wasted minutes.
  • Observe, you will have to look closely at everything around you, because the least expected person or object will tell you an attractive story. A busy bar, a hair salon, a hardware store, or your neighborhood butcher shop are all good settings.
  • Once you have the story, it's time to organize it. The storytelling on marketing They are usually short but direct, for which, you will need a good structure on which to support your story. It takes the reader from point X to point Y, it is crucial that your story has a beginning and an end. On the line between those two points, your story occurs, which must be told in a short but effective way.
  • The positive feelings. Good emotions always transmit more than negative ones, even if a conflict appears in your story, it is very important that the final message is, at least, hopeful, in the event that our story is dramatic.
  • Depth in the characters. A simple character without details does not connect with the user, it develops a background behind each character, with its strengths and weaknesses, so that the consumer can be reflected.

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