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Social Media Management: The 5 Best Tools in 2020

If you are interested in learning more about the management of social networks, you will want to know what are the best tools to manage them in 2020. You no longer need to put 30 different alarms on your smartphone to remind you that it is time to publish on social networks. By supporting yourself with various tools that exist today, you can streamline processes and obtain very useful statistics.

The correct management of social networks can mean significant growth for your company. For that reason, many choose to hire a digital marketing agency or an expert in the field in order to optimize the results.

In addition, some tools for managing networks allow you to know in real time the effectiveness of a publication, a campaign and answer questions and comments almost immediately.

What is needed for effective social media management?

Among the things that are needed yes or yes to effectively manage social networks today are:

Gestión de redes sociales en 2020
  1. Choose the essence and message that you want to convey with your company or brand.
  2. Establish a publication calendar.
  3. Create an action plan for after posting.
  4. Plan events to create more engagement with your audience.
  5. Establish schedules to answer questions and comments that you receive in the different social media accounts.
  6. Review statistics to measure results and optimize your strategy.

The best tools to manage social networks

1. TweetDeck

This application has been on the market for many years and is part of Twitter. You can manage multiple accounts at the same time from a single panel. Plus, you can post messages, view mentions, and schedule posts in advance. It also allows you to measure the impact you are having and obtain metrics for hashtags, followers and interactions.

2. Hootsuite

It is one of the most complete social media management tools that exist and the one most used by community managers. From there you can manage various accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more in the same panel.

3. Buffer

Another excellent tool that allows us to manage social networks is Buffer. It works for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The free version is quite complete and easy to learn to use. In the same way, you can use the mobile version and attend to any situation from your smartphone.

4. Audisense

Next on the list is Audisense, formerly called SocialBro. It allows you to analyze behavior and interaction with followers to attract new people to your profile. It also gives you the option to create new follower reports, plan direct messages, and mass campaigns.

Also, if you want to know who the influencers in your sector are, this program will let you know. Monitor hashtags, send automatic replies, and more.

5. Agora Pulse

This tool is affordable and worth the expense because it allows you to track interactions and thus improve your brand engagement.

You will have various metrics and monitor all message activity concerning your networks.

Whatever tools or tools you end up using, try to have everything you need in one place. In this way you will optimize your time and work more organized.

If you are interested in professional support for the management of your social networks, we invite you to contact The Cloud Group. You also can visit our blog and read many more articles of interest.