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What you should know about mobile applications

Mobile applications are wonderful. They allow us to do virtually anything from our cell phone. In addition, for people who have a business idea or how to improve some aspect of their service or product, they can choose to create their own mobile application in order to create solutions and offer something new and competitive for users. If you have a smartphone, you have already seen, used and downloaded a mobile application at some time and how to create mobile applications is not impossible, they can be an excellent option to expand your business or start a product. They are easy to download and some are even offered for free.

What is a mobile application?

A mobile application or APP, are programs that have been designed to work on tablet phones and other mobile devices. They allow users to carry out activities of all kinds, from professionals, services, information, entertainment and much more.


What's more, mobile applications have existed since before smartphones. If you ever had a cell phone that brought tetris or snake, those games were also mobile applications.

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It is from 2007 when Apple launches the iPhone that the world of mobile applications begins to develop and revolutionize. Previously, they were difficult to download and impractical, but since this product was released, thousands and thousands of Apps began to be available through the App Store to install on the phone.

Furthermore, with the emergence of mobile applications came a practical solution to processes and functionalities that were cumbersome to perform from a mobile website. In fact, a mobile app is not the same as a mobile website. An app is a program that we install on the device and a website is on the internet and you access it through the browser and you do not need to have any program installed to use it.

Mobile applications and advertising

You will have seen that many mobile applications, especially if they are free, have built-in advertising. It is the way that apps have found to be able to make a profit if they offer them for free or also a way that their cost is not so high. Mobile application development companies sell their spaces to advertising networks, which in turn sell them to advertiser networks.

The most used apps are those that have obtained public preference both for their usability and for their good operation, design and the user experience in general. Below we want to present you a list of the most downloaded and used mobile applications that you surely use too:

Las aplicaciones móviles son una maravilla. Nos permiten hacer virtualmente lo que sea desde nuestro teléfono celular. Además, para las personas que tengan una idea de negocio o de cómo mejorar algún aspecto de su servicio o producto, pueden optar por la creación de su propia aplicación móvil a fin de crear soluciones y ofrecer algo nuevo y competitivo para los usuarios. Si tienes un smartphone ya habrás visto, utilizado y descargado alguna aplicación móvil alguna vez y cómo crear aplicaciones móviles no es algo imposible, pueden ser una excelente opción para ampliar tu negocio o comenzar a emprender con un producto. Son fáciles de descargar e incluso algunas se ofrecen gratis.
  • Facebook: This mobile application has millions of downloads worldwide and the number of people using it is increasing. In accordance with Servi Soft Corp, people use it more from their mobile device than from the web.
  • WhatsApp: SMS? Does anyone still send them? When WhatsApp appeared, this messaging application almost completely displaced SMS because of its great usability and for allowing connection with people regardless of where in the world you are.
  • Youtube: With the growing consumption of video, it is not surprising that the YouTube mobile application is one of the most used today as well.
  • Amazon: The possibility of being able to buy with few clicks and from the comfort of your cell phone gives you apps like Amazon, which dominates the market in terms of online sales.
  • Google Maps: No one buys physical maps anymore, why should they have the city map in their hands? Google Maps is another of the most popular applications that exist because it also helps you get from one place to another through GPS and very easily.
  • Instagram: This social network has been growing little by little and today it is one of the world's favorites by millions of users. It also has instant messaging, stories and many ways to connect with others.
  • Telegram: This app looks like it is going to replace WhatsApp, it is also instant messaging and little by little it has been gaining more space on mobile phones.
  • Gmail: Finally, Gmail, which is a very popular email client, is the same as its mobile app and, as many social networks also require a Gmail account to start, it is useful to download it to the phone.

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