Restrictions in Russia regarding pirated software

International discontent due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has manifested itself in different ways. Some presidents have expressed their rejection of the arguments advanced by Vladmir Putin for the invasion; Similarly, many companies have decided to limit their operations or withdraw from the territory as a measure of pressure.

The United States and Europe have banned the distribution of technology, games and software in Russia. SEO Barcelona, software development Barcelona and digital marketing Barcelona agencies should also adhere to this.

Despite the seriousness of the matter, this program of rejection has only made it easier to wall off Russia, which had been going on for years. Internet censorship has been practically iconic and the war with Ukraine has only exacerbated it.

Now there are several questions. Among them, what implications will these restrictions have on these and other digital products and services? What will the Kremlin do to cope with this situation? And, at a more local level, what can those related to the sector abroad do? Next, we delve into it.

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An alleged defense plan for the economy

After the first attacks, digital companies such as TikTok, Netflix and Facebook suspended their services in the country, while Twitter partially maintains it. Likewise, the giants Samsung, Apple and Microsoft, among others. For their part, popular online video games, such as Minecraft, are also not available.

Although in these times of digitization this could be a great obstacle, the reality is that the government seems to be prepared for it. Recently, the TorrentFreak medium revealed a document entitled “Priority Action Plan to Ensure the Development of the Russian Economy in the Conditions of Pressure from External Sanctions”, allegedly issued by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

Although its formality is not very clear, it is presumed that this law will allow the use of pirated software in Russia as a way to evade sanctions. Certainly, it is something of concern for foreign patent holders, but also for the country, with a stagnant economy.

Having said this, it is necessary to point out that the agencies related to the Internet and software development they should take this into account when offering their services. In Spain, this may include those dedicated to SEO Barcelona positioning; SEO Tarragona positioning; digital marketing Tarragona and digital marketing Barcelona, among others.

Has piracy become legal in Russia?

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the use of unlicensed software in Russia was illegal. However, the document proposes alternatives to deal with the refusal of withdrawn countries and technology companies to provide them. In fact, piracy is expected to become legal, further demolishing any chance that the dreaded war will end soon.

Point 6.7.3 of the published plan is very clear on this. Its implementation would cancel the responsibility for the use of unlicensed software that is owned by a company or country that has supported the sanctions.

Consequently, the provisions of the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation would be rendered null and void. In this way, the country could reduce its dependence on technologies and software from abroad and even encourage the development of its own.

Looking at it from just one side, this would not be all bad, as it could boost Russian economic growth. Other countries have done it and that is why we have specialists in SEO Barcelona positioning and Tarragona software development.

The problem lies in the reasons behind this need: a premeditated war, the forced imposition of political interests and the censorship applied to Western inventions on a global scale.

Can piracy be made legal?

Now, another question that has been resonating the networks is the legality of a measure as drastic as this. In this regard, Article 1360 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation gives us the answer. This establishes that, “in case of emergency”, the government may dispose of the use of an invention, utility model or industrial design without the consent of the owner(s) of its patent.

The fact is that the political crisis has erected a great digital wall between Russia and the rest of the world. However, the rest of Europe is still connected, and Spain continues to have developers and agencies specializing in Barcelona seo positioning, Tarragona seo positioning, digital marketing and software development. The Cloud Group is one of them, so if you are looking for any of these services, you can contact us. Click here and let us know what you need.


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