Web applications and mobile applications: 5 similarities, differences and some tips

You may have thought that web applications and mobile apps They are the same. A mobile application is a program that you can download and install on a smartphone or tablet. Instead, web applications are used from a browser but it can be from a desktop or mobile device. This topic has come up a lot in recent years in conversations of all kinds because millions of people today use apps every day of their lives. For example: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and even a calendar or notepad are some apps that you most likely use frequently.

Similarities and differences between web and mobile applications

We can mention some important characteristics that allow us to understand the operation of applications of all kinds. They are similar pieces of software, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, but with big differences.

Some of these differences are:

1. Access

In order to use a mobile application, you necessarily have to download it on your mobile device. Either a phone or a tablet. When you download it, a shortcut will be created from the menu and to use it just open it. Some do not require an internet connection to function, but they do require to be downloaded.

Aplicaciones web

In the case of web applications, they will always require an internet connection to be used.

2. Accommodation

Mobile applications are pieces of software that you can download from for example the App Store or Google Play. Instead, web applications are hosted on a server. For that reason, they always require an internet connection to work.

3. Download

Another difference between these types of applications is their download. In the case of a mobile application, as we have already explained, it is installed on the mobile device once it has been downloaded. Rather, a web app is a version of a web page that has been optimized to be viewed correctly on all mobile devices.

4. Updates

Mobile applications need constant updating and that is why you will often see a notice on your device to perform the update. On the other hand, web applications do not need to be updated, or at least the user does not have to take any action to always enjoy the latest version.

5. Design

As there are so many varieties of mobile devices, between brands, models and operating systems and apps must be installed on them to function properly, software and application developers must create different versions for each platform. In the case of web applications, such as these work from browsers, their development is standard.

What are the advantages of creating web applications for a company or startup?

Web applications present a great competitive advantage for those companies that decide to use them in their business. In addition, they are increasingly popular as people often prefer to work directly from the cloud than to have to download programs to their computer.

Pixima mentions several advantages that web applications bring with them, the main one being saving money and time. In addition, a web application will allow you to continue your work from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Aplicaciones web algunas ventajas

Web apps use fewer resources than applications that must be installed on the computer. This also makes them less expensive than those programs that must be installed to be used.

Another advantage is that they are easy to use. A good web application will have an intuitive operation.

In addition, they facilitate collaborative and remote work since, as they are cloud-based, it is enough for team members to connect to the internet and work together on company projects.

An example of this is Google Drive, which allows collaborative work in a very easy way.

When a web application needs to be updated, you don't have to do anything as a user. The process is done quickly and almost unnoticed and does not require any action from anyone but the company that owns the application.

Another great advantage is that they cause fewer errors and technical problems. It is very strange for web apps to hang, and if there is any failure, you always have a technical support team.

Finally, they are safe and take care of and protect the data of their users and attacks against viruses.

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