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Web design in Madrid? Do not look any further!

Every day it is more and more important to have a quality web design. Why? Mainly because professional design says a lot (or little) about your brand and about your company. When a person browses the web, the website will be the first impression they will have regarding your business and if the design is bad they will feel suspicious. That is why we encourage you to pay attention and give importance to web design for your digital presence.

What is web design?

Web design refers to everything related to the development of digital interfaces, including the development of sites and applications that are used on the internet. To create these virtual spaces, designers create pages using markup languages such as HTML or XML.

¿Qué es el diseño web en madrid?

However, today practically anyone can build a site or a web page thanks to friendly content managers like WordPress or Wix. But, if you require more specific and complex things, it is best to go to a professional developer who can make custom websites.

Key elements of web design

Below we will name some elements that we consider key for the development of any effective and professional web design that follows current standards:

Elementos clave del diseño web

1. Responsiveness

Responsiveness or responsive website refers to the quality of a website that can be navigated correctly from any device, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Today, if a site does not comply with this characteristic, many people who access it from different routes will not be able to make efficient use of it!

2. Scannability

In addition, a website must be able to be "scannable", that is, the user must be able to scan its texts quickly without having to stop at each paragraph in order to understand what the site is about, what it markets, etc.

3. Friendly typography

A website should have friendly fonts that allow easy reading and do not interrupt the experience of browsing through it.

Elementos clave del diseño web
Elementos clave del diseño web

4. Fast loading speed

Did you know that two seconds is too long for a website to load and not ruin the user experience? Sites should respond quickly as people are very busy today and have no patience to wait for a website to decide to respond. However, the use of CSS3, for example, is something that allows you to create light and fast sites and also can remain creative and have animations and interactive elements.

Why invest in a good web design?

First of all, the most important reason to invest in good web design is to make a great first impression on users and potential clients. Every time they visit your site they will have a great experience with them and they will probably come back and decide to do business with you.

In addition, a good web design improves SEO, or search engine positioning, which is very positive for your brand since it will allow you to appear higher in the search results with keywords related to your business.


All of this is, of course, a great competitive advantage in your niche. Imagine if among your competition you are the one who has the best web design and user experience. Where do you think people will prefer to be?

All this will also bring you a greater generation of income. Keep in mind that people look for what attracts them visually and in web design this "law" is also fulfilled. Finally, it will also increase the word of mouth marketing that can occur both offline and online. As more people get comfortable with your website, they will let others know through their social media or offline.

¿A quién contacto para obtener un sitio web profesional?

Who do I contact for a professional website?

Generally, websites are made by a team made up of a project manager, a designer, a web programmer and a copywriter. However, this can vary as it is common for one or two people to perform all of these tasks with each other.

We at The Cloud Group have at your disposal a professional team with a lot of experience in web development and design in Madrid and in various parts of the world from our various branches. We want to be your ally in the conceptualization of your website project and be able to carry it out with the latest technologies and trends of the moment.

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