Mobile Apps: Development Progress

Today it is unlikely that someone does not know what mobile applications are. What's more, 80% of the use of your smartphone is surely through a mobile app. However, not long ago, mobile apps weren't as popular as they are today. Like everything in our world, they have evolved little by little as we have more and more modern devices. Today we want to talk to you a little about the progress of the development of mobile applications.

The first mobile applications

You may not have sat down to think about it but, the first mobile applications emerged in the 90s and they were the calendar and the games on your cell phone: most likely you had Tetris or Snake. Do you remember them? Snake, or the snake, was programmed in 1997 and first appeared on the Nokia 6110 and Nokia 3210. You probably played it!

Later came an important change after the emergence of WAP technology, Wireless Application Protocol, which is a standard for wireless connections. These were used by applications to access reduced versions of web pages. They allowed you to enter your email, see news and other simple functionalities. Companies like Sony, Motorola, Nokia and Openware used it.

aplicaciones móviles
El desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles es una herramienta fundamental para aquellos negocios que están seguros de querer crecer y avanzar al siguiente nivel. Estarás en las mejores manos tanto para el desarrollo de aplicaciones IOS como Android

The arrival of Apple and Android

It is in 2007 when the true revolution of mobile applications occurs with the arrival of Apple's iPhone. Without that device, the world would be very different today. After the creation of the App Store, a platform to download applications to use with the phone, everything changed.

Today there are millions of applications for all types available, thanks also to the fact that in 2008 Google also joined the wave of the mobile application. After the launch of the Android operating system with its own app store called Market Android, nowadays known as Google Play or Play Store, it has been another very important place to download applications since then.

What are mobile applications for?

The first mobile applications were born to facilitate work and optimize activities, but today there are applications for virtually everything. You can get a mobile application to entertain yourself, whatever your tastes, to connect with others through social networks, listen to music, do banking and much more.

We could even say that mobile apps are an essential part of our lives today and that undoubtedly help it to have a better quality. For this reason, it is common to see how many startups today come up with the idea of a new application that will help solve a problem and therefore the need to have a company that is dedicated to developing them.

How a mobile application can benefit a business

There are many ways that mobile apps can benefit a business, and we'll tell you why:

  • The mobile is the most used device in Spain and in many countries of the world to access the internet.
  • Approximately 66% of the world's population has a mobile device.
  • It is believed that by 2021 the number of connected devices will have grown by 23%. This would be equivalent to 16 billion in the world and 75.44 million by 2025.
aplicaciones móviles, su desarrollo

In Spain, for example, 80% of people search for commercial information from their smartphone. In addition, the country has approximately 88% of unique users and we know that companies are increasingly aware of these numbers and want to have their own mobile application to compete in this market.

The Cloud Group can gladly help you at this stage of your business or your mobile startup. Part of our services consist of developing tailored applications from the advisory stage to the launch stage. And if you are still not 100% sure how the idea of a mobile application you have in mind would work, we can offer you advice from the experts that make up our team.

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