A software developer can open up business opportunities for you

Although we know that it is not the best, there is an indisputable reality: our times are governed by screens. We spend a great number of hours working in front of a computer, watching television and, even more, checking our smartphone.

And it is not for less considering the infinity of elements offered by the app stores of the main operating systems for mobile devices, such as Android and iOS: games, agendas, social networks, payment platforms, delivery apps, among many others. Many websites have even launched mobile applications to facilitate interactions with their customers and, of course, increase their sales. 

But its usefulness is actually much more transcendent. If you're looking to expand your digital presence, a good way to do this is through utility software. Is this your case? Then read on. Next, we will explain the business opportunities that a software developer can provide you.

Custom software development

Today we have numerous tools for graphic design, programming, optimization SEO and app development in general. However, few know how to use them to create products that offer solutions and leave their mark on history.

The problem is that many people have very good business ideas that deserve to be materialized, or rather, digitized. If this is your case, a software developer could give shape to your idea, that is, could develop a program just tailored to your needs or what you want to offer.

desarrollador de software

Mobile apps

Both web platforms and accounts on the main social networks are important in the digital presence of a brand. However, being featured on the App Store or Play Store lends even more credibility and can land many on the general public's wish list.

But doing so is no easy task. It has happened to many of us that an app is particularly useful, but its interface is too slow or its options are poorly distributed. This makes them difficult to use and consequently users end up discarding them.

However, hiring a software developer with experience and preferably specialized in this branch, the results would be much more satisfactory. Not only could you provide a more sophisticated, useful, and easy-to-use product, but you could increase your business' sales from downloads, subscriptions, and app usage.

Big Data Services

Although the invention of paper gave rise to an extremely useful resource for centuries, today things point to stop using it. And it is that, at least with regard to data recording, putting them on paper makes them physically accessible, but very vulnerable to damage and loss.

Technology has evolved so much that today we have big data services that allow the creation of very well organized libraries with the capacity to store large amounts of information.

The web developer is responsible for integrating it into a certain company or institution through specialized software; and, from then on, its members will be able to access the records easily, quickly and from any region of the world. As if that were not enough, in a certain way, this route contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing the generation of waste and the felling of trees for paper production.

ERPs and customer management systems

And since we are talking about putting aside paperwork and manual work, today many companies are betting on the automation of processes. We live in such a dynamic present that time is much more valuable (and expensive than before). Jobs that used to take hours and days, like generating monthly, quarterly, annual reports and more, can now be done in minutes.

It's all thanks to tools such as enterprise resource planning systems, better known as ERPs. Also customer management systems (or CRMs) have become very popular by allowing the integration of a brand's channels and automation

of tasks. The software developer is responsible for designing them to suit the company, installing them and providing support and training while the human team learns to use it.

As you may have noticed, having a professional of this type can open up a whole world of business opportunities for you, and even diversify the options of your brand. Do you need one right now? At The Cloud Group we have a trained and experienced team to do this and much more. Contact us and we will facilitate your work.