Big data: Tips to achieve your goals in 2021

Today, with ICTs or information and communication technologies gaining space in digital media, it is necessary to have more resources to manage and protect our data, especially if it is about large sets of information that we need to access every day. a day for professional issues. In this sense, the study, analysis and planning of Big Data, both in business and in large companies, has become increasingly inevitable to understand the behavior of the international market, users. The same occurs with multiple other operations that are currently carried out from electronic devices such as personal computers, smart mobile phones and tablets.

Therefore, if you have set goals aimed at Big Data for 2021, and you are still wondering how to achieve them to gradually or exponentially improve the business model that your company manages so far, we invite you to know these 15 tips that will surely be you useful to enhance the success they require.

  • Identify your storage needs according to the data you handle. Analyze what type of information you are going to store, the amount, if it has a particular mission, periodicity, as well as if it needs to be preserved in the short or long term.
  • Establish what processes will be used for storage of said data and in the corresponding devices.
Big data
  • Make an estimate of the number of people that will access your platform both simultaneously and on a recurring basis, as this will allow you to choose the correct devices that support the corresponding information.
  • Evaluate your budget before purchasing the devices that will store your data.
  • Make sure that the technology used in the platform or device will allow a backup full of the stored information. Losing data can be a big problem later with irreparable consequences.
  • Keep an eye out for innovations offered by platforms and devices for Big Data, since each one offers its own advantages according to your storage needs. This will then translate into returns on your investment.
  • If you plan to improve the infrastructure of your company or business in the future, remember perform the necessary calculations in the corresponding space. This will make the introduction of new hardware easier both in number and size.
  • Migrating data from one system to another is always time consuming and money. Take this into account and plan assertively how you will do it when the right time comes.
  • In addition to paying attention to infrastructure costs, also keep in mind those related to services such as electricity, maintenance of devices or platforms, administrative personnel, among others.
  • Make sure Big Data related goals and solutions are modular, taking your current and future storage needs. Likewise, remember to only acquire technology according to the information that your company or business handles.
  • Be consistent when buying software and hardware, since hybrid solutions can create incompatibilities between operating systems and cause data set breaks.
  • Know the different technologies offered by the market, related to storage for large volumes of data and identifies the usefulness in each of them, as this will allow you to find the correct one based on the information that your business or company handles.
  • Request several quotes before acquiring the technology you need and take your time to review them in detail.
  • Choose complete solutions, equipment or platforms that do not require any add-ons or extensions in the future to be activated, as this can cost more time and money later.

How to achieve our objectives rationed to Big Data?

According to the Spanish digital portal Big Data Magazine, the management and analysis of data is key to better understand the behavior of users and their needs within digital environments as well as to make correct decisions within and outside this area.

For this reason, emerging companies, such as those already positioned in web and technological spaces, must find new ways to store and support these large volumes or sets of information. This can be achieved either physically using chord hardware or through software that allows access to them quickly, immediately, and safely.

Big data, objetivos

Remember that The Cloud Group offers multiple options that adjust to different business models, which will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself for this 2021 through effective and efficient optimization of your digital resources. Contact us for more information!

On the other hand, if you are interested in learning more about information and communication technologies, you can visit our blog and read our previous article here.

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