What is application software? 19 examples and how it differs from custom software

He custom software It is the one that we develop for you so that you can solve any specific need that arises in your business. It can be a complex application but it can also be a simpler piece of software. The important thing is that it suits your needs. In the case of application software, we refer to computer programs that have been designed with the purpose of making it easier for users to carry out certain tasks. Moreover, it is possible that you frequently make use of application software without realizing that it is precisely what it is.

Some examples of application software are Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and McAffe. Today it is almost unthinkable for a company to function without some software of this type due to how widespread it is.

Application software helps to perform and systematize tasks and make daily tasks easier and faster to do.

What is the most popular application software?

We could say that the most used and well-known application software in the world is the package microsoft-office. You will not only see it in businesses and companies but also in homes installed on personal computers.

Among other examples, we can name:

  • Google Chrome
  • windows movie maker
  • Audacity
  • photoshop
  • MSProject
  • avast
  • msn-messenger
  • painting
  • word pad
  • sony vegas


  • Self CAD
  • Picasa
  • Microsoft Excel
  • publisher
  • Corel Quattro Pro
  • MozillaFirefox
  • PDF tools
  • open-office
  • microsoft powerpoint

Many companies are dedicated to developing this type of software, always seeking to improve the quality of life and work experience throughout the world. The way in which many of these developments have emerged has been looking for ways to satisfy needs that arise in people.

One of the objectives is also the constant improvement of the software programs that are desired to be increasingly easy to use so that they are intuitive and can be operated by more people without the need for very deep technical knowledge.

System software is another type of software that includes the set of programs that allow managing the hardware of a computer, which is the same as the physical part of it.

Application software features

The features of application software are so many, even though most people only use a percentage of them. However, those who delve deeply into all the functionalities of the applications have the advantage of being able to take full advantage of everything that the programmers have made possible with them.

The latter makes many software development companies discuss whether to add new features or improve existing ones. 

Among the most used programs are spreadsheets, word processors, image editors, audio and video editors.

programming software

Finally, programming software is one that exists to create other programs. They allow the user assistance to write code and thus create software. In addition, they have friendly interfaces to facilitate your work and functions to test what you are creating.

Some examples are: QBasic, Visual Pro, C++, and Java script.

Fundamentals of custom software

You may already find a software program that does what you need to get things done, however, you may not find a single application that meets all your needs.

In that case, it is when it is advisable to go to custom software, whose fundamental aspect is that it works for you.

At The Cloud Group we are specialized in developing custom software. We seek to adapt to your business and not the other way around. Whether you need a mobile application, a system based on Big Data, a ERP or a CRM, we take care of it. Contact us today for more information and do not forget to read other articles of interest in our Blog.