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Custom Web: Do you think your business needs it?

Today, make a Web page it's easy. We have different platforms where following a few steps and, with a template, it can be done quickly. We also find somewhat more complex options, such as open source software, which with the help of a professional can be done easily. As we can see, creating a web page is available to anyone with certain technological skills, but making the one your company needs is something much more complicated. We must be aware of how valuable it is to make a proper website.

¿Why is it so important?

Because it can be that "something" that differentiates you from your competitors.

Hasn't it ever happened to you that browsing the website of a large company you expected a lot more?

Having a good website, which represents the values and essence of your company, is as important as a good positioning SEO / SEM.

Beneficios de tener una página web profesional

It is important to remember that designing a custom website requires a greater amount of time and resources. However, if your goal is to have a stable, secure website that fits the profile your company requires, this is the best decision.

How profitable is a custom website?

One of the main advantages, and the most attractive, that we will obtain from this service will be that our business will benefit from a website with a unique design, that is, we will have the assurance that no other person or company has a website like ours.Which brings us to the second benefit, a website that adapt to our needs, This implies that I don't have to depend on templates, which although there are some very interesting ones, in our case, they may not be enough.

In relation to the above, another important point is the responsive mockupor responsive design, it is essential that your page adapts to any device, it will make the user experience better. In addition to the three previous advantages, another virtue is that we can optimize our positioning SEO From the first moment. Last but not least, a tailored web page will provide us greater security than one in open source.

Elementos clave del diseño web

Apart from these advantages, we can find many more, such as technical support always available or faster loading, which will also benefit your web positioning.

We already know the opportunities that a custom website has and how it can benefit us. However, something that we must take into account are the needs of our users, whether they are clients or prospects.

What characteristics does a user look for in the design of a web page?

1.Multimedia. The efficient use of multimedia will make you get more out of your website. Therefore, the use of visual, sound and audiovisual elements of any nature must meet the standards of your company.

2.Interactivity. The development strategies and methods applied to digital content must take into account the possibility of exploiting interactivity, trying to create reading flows that allow user immersion.

3.Accessibility. Design for everyone, but also adaptation to the type of public, the reception device, the situation, etc.

4.Flexibility. Control of user expectations.

Características de un buen diseño

6.Modularity.Modular organization and organic construction of the information blocks.

6.Adaptability. Comprehensive functionality. From the user's point of view, the adaptability of multimedia improves reading satisfaction, since it enables the objectives of those who browse our website in a more efficient way.

6.Interoperability. The contents must have an efficient and quality cataloging. That is, they must be understandable for the users who are going to access it and have a minimum of utility.

At The Cloud Group, we try to meet your needs and those of your business. If reading this post you have realized that you have an outdated website or that it does not meet the standards of your business or, on the other hand, you are starting a new project and need help with the creation of one Web page Do not doubt contact with us. You are one click away from maximizing your business.