How can businesses benefit from ERP?

Today it is practically unthinkable to talk about a business without talking about technology. Just as social networks have become essential for advertising, companies need digitization to offer solutions to current needs.

All this has driven the widespread use of software in an integrated manner and has given rise to Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems. Have you ever heard of them? If the answer is no, maybe not with that name, but surely you have used or heard of intangible automation tools at the enterprise level. We could say that this is a part of this great world.

But why are we talking about it now? The answer is quite simple: because of the number of benefits it brings to almost any business today. From automation to the generation of reports to analyze the status of the company, these are some of the benefits provided by the programs ERP to business.


Automation of manual or routine tasks

Many people love their jobs except when there are records to be made or processes that are too routine. These are no less important than other tasks, but they can become very tedious and even lead to long-term errors.

Fortunately, technology has evolved and, in the process, has taken this into account. That is why there are automation tools that can carry out manual or routine tasks without taking time or peace of mind. Undoubtedly, this is one of the great advantages offered by the digital transformation and the use of software optimization within companies.

Generation of business reports

One of the biggest headaches for many professionals who work in large companies is the creation of reports. In the past, data collection and analysis was done manually, which took a lot of time and attention.

However, today we have automation tools that can generate reports in real time. The system can create them by department or to observe the general performance of the company; also for monthly, annual or longer periods, depending on the history of the company. These can be sales, income and expenses, sales by area, best-selling products, among many others.

Improvement of delivery times

In business, time is money, and increasing the speed of work without sacrificing good results is one of the great advantages offered by systems ERP. By improving response times, we can not only move faster in meeting company goals; We can also detect faults that, if noticed later, would have caused errors or losses that are very difficult to repair.

Important data safe

Although recording everything on paper was useful for many years and has had an important impact on the progress of humanity, there are now more practical tools to do it. Instead of keeping everything in files full of notebooks, we have the service of the cloud.

An ERP system allows each department to upload relevant data to the cloud for indefinite storage. It is also easier for workers to access them when they need to refer to them. And, the best part, is that there is less risk of loss.

Optimized supply chain management and greater transparency

What has been said so far seems to apply very well to all companies, but especially to those that have supply chains. Managing this type of business is not an easy task; Detecting errors can take time because there are so many parts to analyze, and this can lead to financial loss or bigger problems.

Aware of this, many companies in the sector have implemented custom software of traceability that range from the extraction of the raw material until the product in question reaches the hands of the consumer.

Through them, both workers and buyers can verify that the established stages and the promised quality are met. And, consequently, it will stand out for management based on transparency that generates trust in the public. 

In short, there is much that we can take advantage of these software, but there is still a question to answer: is it better to design them to suit our needs or is it okay to buy a standard one? If you have doubts about which solution is more suitable for you and your business, in The Cloud Group we can advise you. Click here and contact us..

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