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Environment: How do we affect it?

From the beginning of the industrial age to the present there have been many and important changes in our world. This has happened economically, technologically, socially, industrially, culturally, and also in the environment. However, these changes have not always been positive since they have managed to impact and deteriorate our environment, as well as all areas of human life, including its security. According to him United Nations Development Program, human security is made up of seven dimensions or values to protect: economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community and political security.

One of the values to protect that has been punished the most in recent years is the environmental dimension. This dimension aims to reduce the environmental impact, which is the effect that human activity produces on the environment. For this reason we can say that it is an alteration in the environmental baseline.

Additionally, we can also say that people's actions on the environment always cause side effects on it. In fact, some of the practices that generate the greatest environmental impact are overconsumption, overpopulation, pollution of seas and oceans, the use of plastics or other petroleum products, soil erosion, or nuclear energy.

In what other ways do we affect the environment?

  1. Garbage everywhere

The human being has no limits when it comes to disposing of the garbage that he himself generates, in fact, even on Mount Everest there are traces of garbage that climbers have left after passing through this site. It seems that once something is thrown into the garbage can, we completely forget about it without caring where it ends up.

  1. Plastic pollution

Plastic is one of the worst pollutants and one of the most widely reported worldwide, especially in our bodies of water. There are even some places where people practically have to row through the garbage to be able to advance since the propellers of a boat or boat could not work. This has also caused fauna and flora to be lost.

  1. Contaminated water

The waters of our planet are highly polluted, especially the sources of fresh water. Industries are great pollutants in water, pouring pesticides, wastes and toxic elements into them. Sewage from cities also seeps into the waters, which in turn pass to the ground, causing even more pollution.

1. Oil spills

Every time an oil spill occurs in the world, the consequences are dire for the environment, as well as how difficult it is to clean and recover, if not impossible.

2. Eutrophication

When debris is deposited in the waters, algae sometimes take them as nutrients and grow excessively. This wreaks havoc on the coasts, making fishing and other local activities difficult. Additionally, when these algae die they generate methane that further contaminates the water.

3. Desiccation of wetlands

Many places on our planet have been drained to get farmland with high population growth in some places, but as a consequence the environment is severely affected.

4. Deforestation

The Amazon is one of the most indiscriminately deforested sites in the world, but it is not the only one. Deforestation occurs in many places on Earth and affects us in the production of oxygen that we all need to live. Illegal mining is another major cause of pollution in the world. For example, to extract gold, they use mercury, which is then dumped uncontrollably into the environment.

5. Electronic waste

Every time we change our mobile for a new one, we buy a new computer to dispose of the old one, we generate electronic and polluting garbage that is difficult to recycle or destroy. Batteries, for example, are one of the most polluting parts of these electronic devices of the modern era.

6. Wars

Lastly, the wars and places used to test weapons become highly contaminated with chemicals and synthetic products that are spread throughout the area, not to mention the amount of destruction and corpses left by conflicts of this type.

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