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Web design: Its evolution in a few words and 4 fundamental aspects

Web design is something that is very present in our lives today, but it has undoubtedly evolved and changed as the years go by. Websites that 20 years ago seemed fabulous and creative to us, today they would give us a rare feeling of outdated and little focus on user experience. But how did it all start? In accordance with information published in Novva Marketing, the first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. His goal was to report on the Word Wide Web. At the beginning the pages were built with HTML and contained only texts. Little by little, icons, background images, banners and buttons were added.

Appearance of new tools for web design

Between 1996 and 2000, new tools began to appear in order to make web design of better quality and within everyone's reach. Indeed, in this way the WWW began to gain more and more users over the years.

Developers and designers now had the ability to develop web pages with the personality they wanted.

Among some of the tools that stood out during this stage are:

Diseño web y su evolución
  • Flash: Now virtually obsolete, Flash was a revolution by allowing animations and multimedia content to web pages.
  • Javascript: It is a programming language that helped improve the navigation and user interface.
  • CSS: Cascading style sheets helped improve the visibility of web pages by allowing you to incorporate styles and personality.
  • Frames: Today they are hardly used on websites but at one time they were used quite a bit. These allowed dividing the screen to facilitate the download of content.

The arrival of web 2.0

The beginnings of the XXI century were characterized by the arrival of the web 2.0 where more importance began to be given to the content over the image and the quality of what the website offers.

It is already in 2013 that more and more responsive websites begin to be seen, that is, they can be adapted to any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. As people began to use mobile devices more, this became crucial as far as the evolution of web design is concerned.

Also at this time the flat design style became popular and relief and realism became obsolete. Remember those 3D buttons that were everywhere? Because you never saw them on the web anymore. This is because this new type of flat design has become so popular that it is a standard today.

Today's tools for web design

From 2016 onwards, new tools for web design have appeared. For example, HTML5 provided the compatibility of multimedia elements on any browser and device. In a way he was one of the causes of the Flash's disappearance.

Social networks have played a fundamental role as well. Its widespread and popular use allows us to interact with people from all over the world and make the experience of sailing a more participatory one.

Finally, the Applications, which today are so useful and allow us to achieve so many things that we could not see our lives today without them. Can you imagine a world in which overnight there is no instant messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram?

What does the future hold for web design?

What we will be about to see in the coming years regarding the evolution of web design is linked to the tools that already exist and the new ones that will be developed. In the same way, how they adapt to all kinds of mobile devices because, of course, the mobile world is here to stay.

In addition, every day we are more connected and there are more and more people who know how to develop for the web, which means many more creative heads imagining new ways of solving problems and devising new applications that have the potential to go viral and international.

El diseño web y su evolución

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