Payment Campaigns: Current Trends

At present, both in social networks and on websites, we have the possibility of using paid campaigns if we believe that our online positioning within search engines is insufficient to show our product or service to the virtual community. Choosing the platform that will allow us to use this tool to achieve conversions always requires a thorough review, especially if we are not very clear about where the most important part of our audience is concentrated. While there are multiple options when it comes to setting up ads online, we'll focus on one of the most important today: Google Adwords.

How does Google Adwords work in paid campaigns?

As we know, this self-managed advertising platform gives you the possibility to pay for the times your ads have been shown in other online spaces or for the visits you have received on your website. It can also be configured according to the phone calls obtained, something quite useful when establishing or positioning a service.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool or with an intuitive interface that allows you to personally manage campaigns like these for a SME, brand, or personal signature, Adwords is a good option to start and that of millions of advertisers at the digital level today.

campañas de pago
campañas de pago

What elements should be taken into account in digital payment campaigns?

  • The expected click rate: This is based on the average clicks you receive daily, weekly or monthly on your website or social networks.
  • Ad Relevance: If the piece has all the important characteristics that an advertisement should have to be posted digitally and regardless of its format, its appearance on other websites and search engines will be more prominent.
  • Target Relevance: The more connections the ad has with the destination web page or site, the easier it will be to position it for our target audience and reach it.

What paid campaigns are currently trending?

Thanks to the interface offered by the Google Adwords platform, there are many ways to configure it according to our budget and interests to achieve a successful conversion, always taking into account audience segmentation for the latter purpose.


Some of the most used campaigns today are:

  • Search with text ads: Aimed at search engines and generally include a title, a specific description and a link or complementary extension.

Unlike dynamic text campaigns, in these we must define what the keywords will be, however, the first one gives us greater freedom to configure and edit the content according to our business interests.

  • Of video: These are the ads that we see on social networks like YouTube before playing one of our favorite videos. 

Although this option is handled on websites or within landing pages, we must choose very carefully the place where we want to position it so as not to cause conflict with other types of interactive content, since it can hinder the user experience.

  • Display Remarketing: Presenting advertisements to people who have visited our online spaces, but who are not yet full customers, is a good way to encourage them to continue to be interested in what we offer.

In this way, if they are on another website outside of ours, the user will have more chances to return and become a new lead.

  • Display to websites or target audience: Those where we focus our ads on a specific page or a specific audience according to their segmentation.

In short: If you plan to develop or launch a paid campaign, you need to first identify which one fits what you need beyond the budget, and also has the necessary elements to achieve successful online positioning. or at least, aimed at conversion.

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