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Free web applications: The best of the year 2020

Businesses are always at constant risk of being attacked by malware, phishing, spam, ransomware, and outright attacks. All these are related to cybersecurity, from which they have to be protected efficiently and one of the great economic reasons. According to some experts, in 2015 cyber attacks cost companies more than $400 billion dollars, 36% more than the previous year. The website specialized in the subject Globb Security explains that these figures are equivalent to one malware attack every seven minutes. Additionally, cybersecurity attacks also damage the reputation of companies in front of their customers. It affects confidence and a lot of money can be lost.

Meet the best free web applications of the moment

Online Office

Surely you already know Google Docs, but did you know that Microsoft Office also exists as an online web application? It is an app that offers the same tools as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also has a free version.

Added to that, you can sync those documents with your Microsoft account and your Windows 10 contacts and calendars.

Aplicaciones web gratis


Graphite is another alternative to Google Docs. The difference is that it is decentralized and based on blockchain. In other words, this web application does not store your files on the servers of any company, as Google and Microsoft do.

Although the service is not as complete or at the level of these two companies, you can enjoy a document editor, spreadsheets, file vault and contacts. Everything from the browser.

Brush ninja

Do you like creating animations by hand? Then Brush Ninja is what you need. Not only is it easy to use, but it's free. You can draw with the mouse or with a stylus pen and you can animate up to 1000 frames per animation that can be exported in GIF.


Do you need to edit images? You can try Fotor, a free online web application that allows you to edit images in an advanced way. You can include effects, filters, frames, enhancements, text, and more. It also allows the creation of photos in HDR.

Pixlr X

This is one of the web applications that has been around for a long time for online image editing. It is free and allows very complex edits from the browser. Some may start saying goodbye to Photoshop. What do you think?

Draw Chat

For people who need a free, no-record collaborative whiteboard, Draw Chat is the solution. With this application on the web you can also chat and make video calls. Make free drawing, import images and export in PDF.


Much like Delicious, Raindrop allows you to save favorites. This web application allows you to store bookmarks, links, multimedia content and things you want to review later in the cloud. Even screenshots.

Calmly Writer

For those who love minimalism, Calmly Writer is a simple, distraction-free app that lets you edit text. It has all the basic tools required for writing and editing, plus it has cloud syncing.

Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a web application that allows you to save encrypted notes from end to end. It is a fairly minimalist app, open source and easy to use to make your annotations in the cloud wherever you are.


It is simple but useful. It is an app that generates environmental sounds that will help you improve your productivity. They offer two public demos that you can also customize. For example: rain sound, piano in the background and how loud you want each element to sound.


It is an app that many will find useful, especially if you work creating content for social networks. It allows you to create videos for free online of up to 10 minutes in length. You can do it from an audio clip or from a link.

Aplicaciones web gratis 2020


The truth is that it seems that today there is an app for everything. Chartify will allow you to create beautiful high quality charts in a very simple way. It's free, simple, and you can choose from eight different chart models, color palettes, and predesigned templates.

As you will see, web applications are being widely used and you can find one for practically anything you need. What's more, many companies today are analyzing what new app they can create to meet some need in people.

If you are one of those enterprising people who likes to be one step ahead and is devising new web applications to meet a niche or need, come and get in touch with The Cloud Group where we can help you bring that idea to reality. Do not stop visiting our blog and leave us a comment if you liked this article.