Why should you use infographics with statistics on your blog?

Today the infographics are part of the group of tools digital marketing that numerous companies implement to offer the information they disclose in a more attractive way, encourage sharing, attract attention and promote the content they have. There are many types of infographics, one of them is the one that includes statistical data and you may be wondering, why should I consider it for my own blog? Let's talk about it.

First of all, infographics are informative graphics that represent ideas, data, and information. They aim for minimalism to summarize a topic so that it is easily understood.

They are a very effective resource in marketing because they are very visual and creative and help retain the user's attention. 

As a web blog owner, retention is something that is sometimes difficult to achieve. How can you make the reader stay on the web and not click elsewhere? Infographics can help you.


Benefits of implementing infographics on your blog

Overall, incorporating infographic elements into your brand blog has several benefits. It is a useful resource in case you want to present an overview of a topic or explain an entire process.

Also, infographics allow you to display the results of research or survey data in a visually appealing way. It is useful for comparing different options, raising awareness of an issue, or summarizing a very long report.

For all these reasons, they complement a blog article very well, they can be published on social networks, newsletters, chats and more. 

Why incorporate infographics with statistics in your blog

Now that you know the benefits of using infographics on your blog, let's talk about why infographics with statistics are a new option.

The main reason is that they are a powerful support for any argument or idea that is presented. Statistics allow a person to stop what they were doing and focus on that situation that you present them with data. When it comes to an infographic with statistics, it will be visually appealing and enjoyable to consume.

They allow the data presented to be interesting and impactful. Unlike other types of infographics, statistics they contain less text since they are supported by numbers.


Tips for Designing an Infographic

If you have already decided to use this resource in your blog, here are some tips to take into account for its design:

  1. It groups information related to edges, shapes, and lines.
  2. Help readers understand the information you present to them with circles, squares, borders, and lines that you can use to organize your content.
  3. Implement visual patterns supported by a color palette, fonts and icons. This will help people better remember the information.

     4. Think of an organization chart when structuring the information.

     5.Remember to incorporate colors and fonts of your brand so that everything is uniform and consistent.

You can rely on infographic templates offered by various cloud programs, but you can also ask a graphic designer to make the design for you.

If you don't know how to start and it's your first infographic, don't worry, you can start with free software and little by little improve the visual part and how you organize the information.


How to use icons in infographics

As we have already explained, infographics have the great ability to condense large amounts of information into easy-to-consume content. You will have seen that the visual element that is incorporated the most is the icon, since they help spread the message and provide context.

If you use a program to design infographics you can make use of the bank of icons they provide. Otherwise, the ideal would be to generate brand icons. These should be adapted in shape, color and style to match the brand's voice.

Keep in mind that using the wrong type of icons will compromise the message and intent behind the marketing effort and infographic creation.

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