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Digital presence: 7 steps to improve your company

Your company is your baby, your great love, your son. You have gone to great lengths to build your brand, get loyal customers, and turn it into a profitable business. However, you may have done everything correctly but if you don't have a digital presence, unfortunately it doesn't exist. Also, it is a shame because so much effort that you have put in so that no one knows your product or service is really a waste. But, don't panic just yet, of course there is a solution! It is never too late to enter the digital world and promote your brand in front of the millions of people who use the internet every day.

7 essential steps to achieve digital presence

Let's now talk about how to fix this problem quickly and effectively so that you get a digital presence as soon as possible. What is there to do? Follow these seven steps to get started:

1. Design a strategy

It begins by designing a strategy that establishes the objectives of the brand. You have to define who it will be directed to (target audience), and what is the value that is offered and the image that you want to communicate. In this way, it will be easier to develop advertising messages and for social networks that, in turn, will be much more effective.

2. Select networks to use

Now that you know who you are going to address and the messages you want to share, it's time to select the space where you are going to publish them. It can be from your website, a guest post, social networks, email, webinar, etc. Once you have decided, you can develop the messages for each of these media.

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Presencia digital, 7 pasos para mejorar la empresa

3. Segment

It is extremely important to perform segmentation tasks in the online world. Not only is it possible thanks to the tools that digital media provide, but it is necessary in order to reach exactly who you want.

Remember that the digital world is highly competitive and that it is important to stand out from the crowd. Also, the best strategies are those that give people what they want to hear, such as a solution to their problems or an idea.

4. Build the brand image

It is also important to spend time building your brand image. As part of this activity you have to analyze the tone of voice to be implemented, the type of messages, the frequency, the colors, and how you want consumers to remember you.

When you create content and images to share, the image that your brand wants to project should be taken into account. Not only must the content be relevant and the images compelling, but they must also be compatible with the brand. Online must be compatible with offline and the shopping experience must be similar in all channels.

Looking for the omnichannel, which means: “As its own name indicates, this new relationship with our client allows us to be in all possible means to be able to offer a better shopping experience to the client: omnicality requires us as suppliers of our end user to offer an enriched experience for potential clients. "

5. Make a value proposition

Next, to achieve an excellent digital presence it is necessary to make a value proposition. To do this, you must make messages that your audience is interested in, that are attractive to them. The value you give them with your content is something to take into account as part of your online strategy.

Value comes from how useful that message is to the people you are targeting. The best way to know if you are adding value or not is after knowing your audience, their pain points, needs and problems.

6. Interact to improve your digital presence

On the web and in social networks it is not just about publishing and waiting for them to find us, give us a like and enter the sales funnel. It's about interacting with other accounts, with other people, with our followers. In this way, everything becomes a conversation, the recipient becomes an active user who participates with the company and provides feedback.

One of the objectives in social networks is to generate engagement, which is also possible to achieve through content personalization and interaction.

7. Smart campaigns

Lastly, lean on smart campaigns and strategies with highly predictable and accurate results. Segmentation can help this, thus being as specific as possible based on real data of our target audience, where and when to direct our message to the audience.

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Presencia digital