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New year's marketing: 10 foolproof ideas

We have reached the end of 2020! For this reason we want to share some marketing ideas for the beginning of the year, so you can start 2021 on the right foot. Remember that the success of a brand or company lies largely in having clear objectives, not losing track and establishing strategies with realistic goals. Are you ready to start the year with the best energy possible? We also! Learn about ten ideas that will inspire you for your marketing campaigns in this year that is about to begin.

10 ideas for end of the year marketing

1. Analysis of results

Before starting to plan it is important to analyze the results. See what worked and what didn't.

A good end-of-year analysis helps to have a better start to the year. Things that did not go well must be analyzed in order to make it different in the new beginning that is coming.

Marketing de inicio de año

2. Strategic planning

It doesn't matter if your company is small or medium, strategic planning is equally recommended. This is not something that only large corporations do. What would you like to achieve this year? How do you plan to achieve it? What are your opportunities, weaknesses, strengths and threats?

We recommend that you sit down with your work team and define all these things so that you can create an action plan with a clear and well-directed focus.

3. What is your target audience doing?

As part of your year-end marketing strategy, try to take some time to analyze and research what your target audience is doing. What are your interests? What are you talking about? What are your needs?

4. Check the image of your company

It is a good time to review the image of your company, your logo, colors, fonts, photographs, the decoration of the office or the premises, your stationery, among others. If you want to renew, it is an excellent opportunity to do so and thus start the year with a new image.

5. Review of products and / or services

Periodically your products and / or services require review in order to define if any adjustment is needed in production, packaging, quality, etc. In addition, this review is used to determine if you can create other sources of income in addition to the ones you already have.

6. Create a list of qualified leads

As part of your end-of-year marketing ideas, you can create a list of qualified prospects. Define the characteristics of the people who are part of your ideal market and where it is. Then start working with them and coming up with ways to reach them, connect with them, and allow them to consume your products or services.

7. Public relations

You should not put public relations aside. In what ways can you connect with more people, network? Have you considered a strategy on LinkedIn, for example? Perhaps you can attend an event where you meet other professionals in the sector, or perhaps potential clients. Recommendations and contacts are the best way to make yourself known and build trust in the audience.

8. Think about strategic alliances

An excellent strategy for everything you do in your personal and professional life is teaming up with other people. What strategic alliances could you create? Think about partnering with like-minded companies to strengthen your services and offer the client comprehensive and trustworthy solutions. This way they can both grow faster and easier.

9. Don't put social media aside

Very, very important is not to forget about social networks and how they can help your business grow. They can also allow you to share with your audience, thus generating engagement and interesting conversations that ultimately lead them to consume your products and / or services. Still not in the RRSS? It is time to consider starting and defining what the ideals are according to the audience you want to reach.

10. Get started now!

It is not strange or uncommon for you to start the year with a lot of excitement and want to take over the world but do not carry out even half of the things you had planned to do. Why does this happen? Because we do not plan, we do not finish concretizing ideas into actions, strategies and everything ends up remaining in the planning phase.

Marketing de inicio de año, comienza ahora

May this not be your case! It's time to act, don't let the moment pass and may this year be the best so far for you and your brand.

To help you achieve this, The Cloud Group is ready to be your ally. Our multifaceted and professional team is ready to be part of your team and implement the latest and most current marketing strategies in order for your business to achieve the success it deserves. Contact us today for more information and visit our Blog. Happy 2021!