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Guest post: why do some say he is dead?

Today, the guest post it is less and less frequent within the digital community, despite the benefits it provides to the different spaces in which we can find online content related to our niche. However, some companies, brands and web portals continue to use it as a means to generate new leads on their social networks or online platforms.

What is the guest post?

It is a practice in which an expert, be it a copywriter, photographer, film director, musician, businessman, athlete, etc., writes in a virtual space or provides valuable content for it through their opinion.

This can be applied to digital magazines and newspapers, as well as to business blogs or social networks. The strong point of the guest post is that it recognizes or segments your target audience in detail to create or offer high-quality publications.

Video game portals, for example, often resort to this type of maneuver a lot to attract more gamers, being one of the most important industries at the digital level when it comes to providing online content for users.

Guest post

What benefits does the guest post provide?

Companies, brands or publishers that use this activity to position themselves on a virtual level, usually enjoy the following benefits:

  • An outstanding SEO positioning.
  • A greater number of visitors to your website or social networks. Likewise, they attract a greater number of potential clients and subscribers.
  • They maintain friendly commercial and business relationships with other digital companies (rival or not), and the credibility of their product or service is quite good.
  • The content they provide is highly regarded by experts and specialists related to their niche, which makes them talk about it if it generates enough relevance and interest for free.


What elements should a perfect landing page have?

Experts in the area speak of five fundamental elements, namely:

  • Qualification: Which should capture the visitor's attention and summarize the intention of the landing page in about 4-5 words.

The keywords will be fundamental both for this section and for the remaining content.

  • Sale picture: That is, the main image that the user will see once they enter the page. Take into account their relationship with the content, as it is important that both complement each other to generate the desired impact.
  • Form: It is the previous step to the conversion. If we can get the visitor to fill it out, it means that there is something that adds extra value content to our service or product.
  • CTA or Call to Action: In Spanish, call to action. It is the element or button that will allow us to convert our user into a new customer. As its name implies, it is designed so that it performs the action we want.
  • Profits: It translates into the following question: How does your product or service favor future customers?

In this sense, remember that the functionalities are very different from the benefits. You need to be very clear about the differences between the two definitions before offering them on the landing page.

Also, keep in mind to list the benefits when presenting them, since this form will give more results.

Take into account that these benefits are also subject to the reputation of the experts or specialists who support the brand, company or business. The more visible faces guarantee the quality of the products and services, the more impact it will have on users and the greater the chances that they will become potential customers.

Why do some say that the guest post is dead?

Due to the rivalry that currently exists between SMEs and large companies in the digital world, it is increasingly common for them to buy the exclusivity of the best copywriters, photographers, designers, etc.

This is done in order to position the service or product more quickly or to maintain the status quo they enjoy in the market, which prevents many interested parties from collaborating in other web spaces as guests.

Perhaps it is now more frequent to read or observe interviews within web portals or social networks, where one or more specialists share their opinions on current trends and on a particular topic.

Although this also generates results as a strategic practice within digital marketing, it sometimes divides or creates contradictions in users, since the ultimate goal of the brand or company is to be recognized as the best without offering complementary content about what what is dedicated.

In summary, the guest post is a practice that can serve to highlight or complement the attributes of a product or service, as well as a brand or company, however, due to competitiveness issues, it is a practice that is falling into disuse as they are discovered new ways to attract users.

The professional or artist exclusivity is the new modality to reach audiences, since the content of value that is delivered is unique on an intellectual and creative level.

However, this tends to increase rivalry with other brands and companies, taking into account that only those that can pay for this tactic are the ones that will have, to a certain extent, assured success for their products or services, as long as they have an audience. highly segmented and identified within your strategy.

El guest post no ha muerto

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