The Cloud Group: the company in charge of implementing the QR code in the Equatorial Guinea Health System

The government of Equatorial Guinea puts its trust in The Cloud Group to implement a software development in the country's Health System, the QR code, a digitization that will provide more security, credibility and greater strength to the Public Health of the state.

The Cloud Group is a digital transformation company in Spain specialized in the Custom software development to automate processes and help the entities that apply these technologies to work in a much more productive, safe and reliable way for everyone.

It is more than 10 years that this important company of software development de España has been solving problems for more than 976 clients, developing more than 186 software and contributing to the economic and technological development of other organizations. So, without a doubt, the government of Equatorial Guinea has made a great decision by delegating the automation of the Health System to The Cloud Group.

In this sense, the impact that COVID-19 had on the world and, above all, in Equatorial Guinea, has been a turning point for the leaders of this country. For Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, who is the president of the prestigious Political Committee for Response and Surveillance to COVID-19, the priority is to shield the nation's Health System to eradicate once and for all the impact that the Coronavirus has had on the population. life of citizens and thus guarantee people's health.

What does it mean that the Equatorial Guinea Health System is going to be digitalized? How does software development benefit citizens?

The digitization of the health system will guarantee that each person in the country has a unique code after being vaccinated. In this way, the falsification of PCR tests and vaccination cards will be avoided.

That is, each person, after being vaccinated, will be assigned a code that will not be the same as that of any other person, which will allow the authorities to scan it to determine if, in fact, the person is vaccinated.

This prevents people who refuse the vaccine from contributing to the falsification of documents and this malicious virus from continuing to spread throughout the country and the world.

On the other hand, this digitized system will guarantee that the extracted data and statistics are reliable on a national and international scale, which will help data analysts to know if the strategies implemented by the government are giving the expected results and, in case of improvements, , know the data that guides where and how to do it.

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue commissioned the Ministry of Health to evaluate and choose a reliable, responsible agency with the capacity to develop and implement this innovative system in the country. And the chosen one was The Cloud Group.

Why has The Cloud Group been chosen by the government of Equatorial Guinea for this project?

This professional software development company is not new to the country. In fact, he has been with his subsidiary GO EG for more than two years. GLOBAL SL collaborating in the digital transformation and automation of companies in Equatorial Guinea, such as Harineras Bioko, Alimentación Guineana and Djaraba App.

Therefore, entrepreneurs in this country already rely on the skills and abilities of The Cloud Group developers.

The protection and security of the citizens of Equatorial Guinea is the most important fact for the government. That is why the Ministry of Health is exerting all its strategic strength to control the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent it from spreading throughout the country, causing deaths and more damage to people.

For this reason, the SISCOVA digitization system (Vaccination Control System) will contribute to everyone's health security. In addition, the falsification of important data and documents, such as PCR tests and vaccination cards, will be left aside. 

And what could be better than implementing this project with a reliable, experienced and up-to-date company with technology like The Cloud Group?

 A secure future is at the gates of Equatorial Guinea, a future that is being developed in the offices of The Cloud Group.

 The Cloud Group, we are a software development company of the best quality in the market that will make your dreams of promoting your business digitally come true