Big data analysis in covid-19 patients

Did you know that a big data company and a private sanatorium established patterns to anticipate vital steps in the face of the covid-19 contingency? Yes, because there was too much data, they created models that integrate intelligent algorithms in order to decipher the availability that hospital centers should have.

The interesting thing about big data analysis in the face of the pandemic

What is big data? It refers to the data set and its possible combinations, since its size, variability and rapidity of growth complicate its capture. So even if conventional or innovative tools are used, it is difficult to process such information. 

For this reason, this analysis is applied in organizations of all kinds, such as a hospital center in the midst of a pandemic. Why? Because thanks to this resource, it is possible to know how many beds, supplies and doctors are required. Sure, it also lets you know how many covid-19 patients are likely to be hospitalized. 

The study had to be carried out

In the territory where the company was requested, the wave of covid-19, therefore the challenge was clear. Well, the algorithm that he created together with the specialists from the intensive care department had to predict how many infected people would be admitted.

So this tool was the key for the board to make well-planned decisions. Accordingly, the study was based on the number of inpatients, discharges, employees, and sanatorium history.

Over that period, more than 85 % accuracy was achieved in predicting demand. With a couple of weeks in advance, it was possible to calculate the work that would be done, and everything that would be needed to respond to the situation.

The excellence of the information

Since the records, symptoms, or date of admission of many patients were not well known at first, it was complicated to make the calculation. However the CEO of the agency recommended implementing measures so that the data provided was complete and true. 

In doing so, it would be easy to bring about real change, but it was vital that society be open to exposing such information. In this way, management would be streamlined, benefiting citizens and health professionals. 

Why is Big Data valuable now?

It is no secret to anyone that true power lies in knowledge, which is why it continues to be excellent. For what is this? Because it gives answers to unknowns that agencies don't even know they have. This means that it is possible to find a reference point in the midst of a large amount of information. 


With the collection of data, trends are identified and companies act quickly. And without drawbacks, or problems that reduce their results, they generate profits and happy consumers. Based on this, the organizations that apply it find value in the following aspects:

  • Decision making is streamlined. 
  • They minimize costs.
  • There is product and service innovation.

A breakthrough in difficult times

Although there are certain limitations when implementing it, this modality ensures to optimize the old methods of data collection. And in the present this progress has been lightened, since scientists, companies and even government entities collaborate for it. 

As long as everything keeps going and the information is put to good use, the benefits are obvious. For this reason, if you are looking for new solutions and want to know both the tastes and the needs of a certain audience, this is a great option.

Streamline the management of your company or organization

If you want to have a large amount of information at your fingertips and you have problems getting it, don't complicate yourself. Currently there is no time to lose, so you must have the appropriate measures. With this in mind, our experts manage to detect issues using data capture. 

In addition, as the purposes of the agencies vary over time, we adapt to your requirements. Always looking to fulfill your work dreams. 

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