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Infographics: 5 Ways They Can Help Your SEO Strategy

Nowadays, and especially in social networks, it is natural to meet infographics of any type: Informative, journalistic, biographical, scientific, statistical, among many more, which work quite well not only to promote or sell a product, but also to share valuable and relevant content in the world. Despite the fact that "an image is worth a thousand words", if it has a lack of intention, an unlimited target and a difficult message to interpret, it will be necessary to complement it with a title, text or link that is able to facilitate understanding of it.

What are infographics and what are they for?

They are visual diagrams whose objective is the summary or synthetic explanation of information or text. Thanks to information and communication technologies, they are now able to integrate multiple audiovisual media to improve the message that they want to convey, beyond showing a simple scheme full of letters, numbers or symbols themselves.

In them, we can find and express data such as: graphs, timelines, research, reviews, etc.


Why use infographics for SEO positioning?

The main reason is because it will make your website or social network more dynamic in relation to your content. In general, if people don't see images in digital text, they don't read it. Nor, if the information is too long to read, especially on social networks.

Other reasons to consider using these visual diagrams are:

  • You synthesize complex information that nobody wants to read or attend to about a business, company or personal signature, even though it is very relevant and has a positive objective after being examined.
  • It allows you to simplify or pile the most important data into reports, posts, sections, book chapters, etc. that are too long or too long.
  • They facilitate engagement with your audience or target audience, especially if you are adding valuable content to their lives and what they do.
  • They make a digital text or particular information an interactive and communicative experience, since audiovisual means are used so that they are recorded with greater detail by the audience and thus they can be understood more accurately.

What benefits do infographics offer within SEO positioning?

  • They work to recycle content: A post on social networks, a blog article, or some particular section within a page or website, visual diagrams will allow you to reuse existing content in a more dynamic and intelligent way, using images, symbols, text, and even sounds.
  • They allow you to explain data more easily: If you want to make graphs and statistics easier to read and look at whatever your target audience, do it through infographics. People will not get bored and will pay more attention to figures that cannot be encouraging at all.
  • They can make your content the example of your niche: If the information you display is useful and with a unique value for your community or audience, it will go viral and become a trend at no cost.
  • They offer link baiting: That is, they can get your content to be linked to other blogs, websites or social networks for free (if you wish of course), which makes them quite useful when promoting an e-book, a service or product. , etc.
  • They help increase the time spent on your website or social network: The more interactive and valuable content the audience can find in our digital spaces, the more time they will spend there reviewing every detail and information that we have.

In summary, using or including visual diagrams within an SEO positioning campaign, rather than being something useful, is necessarily necessary, that is, if we want to capture the attention (and intention) of our audience as we have proposed.

Remember that if you are looking for digital marketing strategies to help improve the visibility of your business, The Cloud Group can advise you on the subject in a timely manner.

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Beneficios de las infografías