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SEO positioning and your business: do you optimize it to the maximum? Find out!

To do a little memory about SEO positioning and the 25 years that we have been using it, we must not forget in the first place that SEO is based on a series of algorithms that are indexed to the content of the web and returns it in an orderly way, according to its parameterization to the user after searching for the words he has entered.

Today position yourself in search engines properly it is practically an obligation, at least if you want your website to be in the first positions. Having a well positioned page means that more people can find you.

Currently, everyone talks about SEO positioning, however ... how many really know what it is?

SEO Techniques (SearchEngineOptimization) are a set of practices that we use to optimize the positioning of our websites in search engines. We can find general, site-specific, or page-specific targeted techniques.

SEO is the process of designing and updating your website to make it easier for you to be found in search engines.

8 tendencias SEO 2020 que todo profesional digital debe saber hoy

The dynamics of SEO consists of being relevant (so that people understand your business), having useful and popular content and appearing as such in the organic results, that is, they are not paid, of the searches for keywords related to your deal.

If we know how it works properly, we can execute fully optimized strategies, the excellent SEO results are the explanation why today large companies allocate part of the investment to SEO positioning resources It is important to be among the first results in potential searches client, the 95% of Internet users does not go beyond the first page of search results.

8 tendencias SEO 2020 que todo profesional digital debe saber hoy

Currently, there are many success stories that have used SEO positioning as a way to boost their business. Yes, they are the companies that we all have in mind. In addition to many more companies that are less known, who know how to use this powerful tool to position their business and sales.

As a side note that can give us an idea of the profitability of the SEO investment, we can track the ROI and thus have control over the investment we are making and modulate according to the needs of our campaign.


How can I improve my SEO positioning? Here are some tips that can help you.

  1. Unpublished and well-kept content
  2. The length of time a user stays on a website is important.
  3. Social Networks are a great ally.
  4. Links both internal and external.
  5. Take care of your Keywords.
  6. Responsive Mockup
  7. Blog

These are some of the tricks that will improve your positioning. Your website is part of the image of your business. It is important that you take care of and know the needs of your users, it is they who will help you optimize your search engine positioning.

Support and benefits offered by our SEO company:

  • Up on Google
  • SEO on and off
  • Improve speed
  • You will get more visits
  • Quality content
  • User experience
  • We improve speed

At The Cloud Group we have experts on the subject who can help and guide you on this journey. It is your opportunity to optimize the SEO positioning of your business.