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Digital Marketing in Spain: How can I benefit from being an SME?

Nowadays, there are many advantages with which you can get to benefit through digital marketing in Spain. Since 2020, and with the arrival of Covid-19, multiple companies and businesses decided to resort to digitization to improve their products and services. Many others accelerated this transformation through a business model that allowed them to be more visible in the online market, covering spaces such as e-commerce, offering landing pages on their digital sites with discounts or offers, or optimizing their blogs and web pages through offline positioning and payment (SEO and SEM).

In accordance with Francisco Rubio, a Spanish online business consultant, e-commerce in Spain had an average growth of 23.8% from 2012 to 2017. As of that year, there was an increase in the purchase and sale of goods and services through the media. digital 25.7%, this with respect to the year 2016.

Subsequently, and during the first quarter of 2018, operations increased 32.8% in relation to the previous year, which represented a significant boom for Spanish digital commerce.

Marketing digital en España

Currently, although the figures and statistics that are handled on the subject are disparate among specialists, almost a year after the global pandemic there is talk of an increase from 80 to 90% of digital operations, so most of the users of various sectors have decided to carry out their purchase and sale of goods and services through options on the web and thanks to their mobile devices, computers and applications.

If you have a small or medium-sized business, or what we know today as SMEs, and you are still not completely convinced why you should digitize it or take it online, here are five reasons to do it before you start to lose resources and human capital (if it is not already happening).

  • It connects you better with your customers or users: Currently, most of us use electronic and interconnected means through the internet to communicate, which allows us to be closer to both our loved ones and acquire anything we want in a matter of seconds.

If you want to establish a more direct relationship with your clients or target audience, answer their questions more immediately, or talk with them to find out their opinions about your product or service, digital marketing in Spain will allow you to do this easily.

  • It offers you the possibility to find users or clients who use mobile devices: Since the advent of tablets and smartphones, fewer and fewer people use their personal computers or desktop computers to buy things, unless strictly necessary.

Therefore, if you are aware of this situation, it will be convenient for you to optimize your business or company to mobile formats as well, since in this way many people will be able to find you more quickly and thus offer the solutions that it offers to its public.

  • Helps you build your brand step by stepWhen traditional advertising emerged in the 1960s, creating marketing strategies required more time than it can take now.

Currently, with the use of social networks and web page development it is easier to capture the users or customers that your business needs, which is a benefit that only digital marketing can provide you when it is planned and executed in the correct way.


  • Offers you the ability to track your competitors: During the early days of advertising, finding out information associated with rivals was a fairly complex event and even an almost impossible task to perform, at least until the late 20th century.

With the digitization of the media or the arrival of virtualization, tools began to emerge that today allow us to know, for example, how many user visits our competitors (and us) receive on their web pages, their positioning in the best search engines in line (Google, Bing, Yahoo !, among others), or even, which countries our followers come from and this just to mention, demonstrating what digital marketing is capable of doing with the right team.

  • It shows you the results of your campaign or strategy in real time: If you know how to handle and manage the correct technological tools for your SME, you will be able to progressively know the data that the company throws up during its transformation or digital positioning without the need to wait for months or years.

This will allow you to make assertive decisions and almost immediately with respect to the direction you would like to take at the corporate level, improve the goods or services you offer, increase sales or productivity, or expand the number of people who remain in contact with you or your brand through spaces such as social networks.

Beneficios del marketin digital en España para las PYME

As you can read, the benefits of digital marketing in Spain and anywhere in the world are quite wide and feasible today, especially in a time of uncertainty where the current pandemic that affects the world and restricts a large part of face-to-face business transactions.

Therefore, if you are already convinced that you are taking the first step towards digital transformation, do not hesitate to contact The Cloud Group, where we will help you build the ideal marketing strategy according to the type of business you have or want to position in the digital market. 

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